House of Genius Phoenix launches April 15

House of Genius is an international organization that brings together a collection of industry leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss innovative ideas for startups, products, and other ventures. There are over 20 locations around the world and Phoenix is opening its doors April 15. The team, led by Nima Nojoumi as City Director, is excited to help elevate Arizona’s thriving startup ecosystem.
nima Launch Festival 2013Nojoumi, brings years of entrepreneurial experience and knowledge to the organization. Nojoumi, began his business career as a teenager when he helped open a restaurant at the age of 19, then founded ScaleBright, and been an active entrepreneur since. Founder/organizer Paul Baumgarthuber and founder/moderator Evan Gilbert will also be part of the leadership team.
The monthly meet-ups start at 6:30 p.m. and will feature three hours of disruptive thinking for three startups and help them further the concept into a full-fledged product or service. Community involvement comes from leading experts, top executives and seasoned entrepreneurs to participate in the group of disruptive thinkers and help the novice entrepreneurs with the brainstorming process.
House of Genius Boulder organizer, Bing Chou, will be in attendance at Phoenix’s inaugural meet-up and will help moderate the session. The London, England founder of House of Genius, William Beckler, who has recently relocated to Arizona, will also attend the inaugural event.
House of Genius Phoenix promises to serve its local community members with fresh and innovative ideas that can help the startup ecosystem in the Phoenix metropolitan area flourish.
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