GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving opposes SB1062 – tweets it's "wrongheaded"

CEO GoDaddy Blake Irving released an official statement strongly opposing SB1062; and if that wasn’t enough, tweeted from his personal account just how wrong it is. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name Web hosting and new SSL certificate provider and a strong business leader headquartered in Arizona. They employ over 4,000 people and serve more than 12 million customers worldwide.
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GoDaddy prides themselves on diversity and is one of their core values as a company. “We believe diversity is critical to attracting talent – We are also committed to protecting the interests of our small business customers (limiting anything for small businesses is a bad idea in our view).”
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CEO Blake Irving states, “GoDaddy strongly opposes Arizona Senate Bill 1062. As a company we honor and believe in the equal rights for all people, regardless of age, color, disability, national origin, sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We believe this proposed legislation would have far-reaching negative consequences on the state and the companies that do business here, and would wrongly send a message that Arizona does not respect diversity.”
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