University of Arizona contributes high ROI for state of Arizona

Education website just released their list of the top ranked colleges in the United States for return on investment (ROI). The universities were ranked based on their in state and out-of-state 30 year net ROI.

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Among the top ranked schools was one of Arizona’s own, the University of Arizona (UA), which earned the #8 spot for western states in the ROI rankings. UA is best known as a research university and has been dubbed one of the nation’s “Public Ivy’s” due to its high caliber education.
Many exciting technology ventures are sprouting from Phoenix’s southern sister thanks to the University of Arizona. Recent startup graduates from the Arizona Center for Innovation (AzCI), based at the UA, have already begun to build Tucson into a budding technology community. AzCI’s main focus is to commercialize new technology.
The AzCI is an affiliate of Tech Parks Arizona, which has two Tucson locations that oversee advancements in technology and technological startups and small businesses. The UA Tech Park is located in the expanding technological area of the Tucson Tech Corridor, located along the I-10 in southeast Tucson.
The UA  has had a prosperous economic impact on the state of Arizona kudos to them for keeping and creating new jobs here and harnessing the innovative minds of the UA’s entrepreneurs in the AzCI program.
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