Tallwave begins nationwide search for High Tide Ed Tech competition

Tallwave has their eye on education and kicks off their nationwide search for the most promising Education Technology companies. Startups from across the U.S. with innovations poised to disrupt education are invited to apply for the recently launched High Tide for EdTech lean business competition. Applications will be accepted until March 14, 2014 and can be completed online at www.tallwavehightide.com
As a leading venture development firm and commercializor in the Southwest, Tallwave helps entrepreneurs build their early stage companies through sound capital strategy and well-executed go-to-market plans across multiple vertical market segments such as digital marketing, healthcare IT and EdTech.
In exchange for 6 percent equity provided to the Tallwave Commercialization Fund, up to 12 companies will be selected for inclusion in the Tallwave High Tide for EdTech lean business competition, backed by world-class advisors and partners from companies such as Google, Blue Canary, Greater Phoenix Leadership, and Parchment. At the end of the six-month program scheduled to kick off May 1, two of the participants will receive $45,000 cash in the form of a convertible promissory note.
“You are seeing a transformation in education learning models, energized by the impact and use of technology in all areas of our lives, including laptops, tablets, and mobile devices,” said Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc. “Tallwave’s High Tide for EdTech competition is set to fuel innovation with its hands-on approach for identifying, validating and commercializing the country’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform the industry.”
The selected entrepreneurs and their startups will proceed through rigorous validation, acceleration and commercialization boot camps, move-the-needle competitions and local, regional and national investor pitches in “pass/fail” scenarios. The entire effort is designed to strengthen their viability and likelihood of obtaining seed funding.
“There’s a real need to build the infrastructure, products and services to support the changes that the education system wants,” said Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D., CEO of Parchment, a leader in education credentials technology. “Tallwave’s focus on the EdTech market is timely and provides real value to startups seeking to grow rapidly, while minimizing risk.”
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