Incubator desarrollo adds 12 ventures for Flock#2

Desarrollo, a unique community-based initiative inspired by “incubator” models from around the world, announces 12 new startups that entered their Flock program – the Chandler based company announced on Monday, February 10.
Desarrollo maintains the goal of developing Arizona into a premier destination for entrepreneurs. The #PhxFlight program was developed to assist entrepreneurs in developing viable and sustainable organizations.
Here are the #PhxFlight – Flock#2 ventures with a tech focus. For the complete list, click here
One for X empowers women around the world, with a customized personal security device. The device is a smart activation technology emitting at ear-splitting levels. This mini personal alarm fits easily into pockets, purses, can be clipped onto a belt, lapel, and pockets; attached to a key chain, or simply held in hand. For every device sold, many are donated around the world, to those who need it most.
ArcologyNow is revolutionizing construction! By using the same methodologies and skills for 3D design and with the Universal ConstructerTM designers can take their designs from small scale to unimaginable heights. The Universal ConstructerTM has been used to in the creation of unique event staging, exhibits and housing.
Convrrt is an online marketing tool that enables digital marketers to create highly effective marketing campaigns for web, mobile and tablets in less than 20 minutes, without any IT knowledge.
Cynosure Strategies is a consultancy specialized in marketing and product management, helping startups and small/medium sized businesses focus on delivering products and services that people love. This unique service is geared towards stimulating revenue and profits, destroying competitors, and focusing organizations on the things customers care about most.
eNameWiz is a highly advanced, multilingual domain name creation and search technology in 10 languages that cover 180 countries worldwide (80% of the top 50 e-commerce markets).
The Enprojo software program is designed to help entrepreneurs and startups document and guide their business from start to growth and beyond. Enprojo makes it easy to put together business projections. The knowledge about the business combined with Enprojo powerful modeling tools will create a history of the company from start to success.
LocIQ a SaaS product featuring the Local Marketing Scorecard, a report for local small-to-medium businesses that provides real time, location-based business and competitor intelligence around online search, directory and social media visibility.
MedOAuth is a secure cloud based service that offers authentication as well as granular access control to personal health information stored in virtually any EHR (Electronic Health Records) systems. MedOAuth uses biometrics – such as facial recognition – and other factors in conjunction with the OAuth 2.0 industry standard, to authenticate users whether patients or health service providers and act as a revokable “valet key” for segregated access to a person’s private health records. MedOAuth can be used from any computer or smart mobile device. For more information, contact
PhotoSweep is a free mobile application designed to allow users to print photos taken with their mobile device and receive them directly in the mail on a regular customized basis. PhotoSweep also allows users to print the date/location and a 40 character text message on the back of photos, as well as send prints to additional recipients without having to create separate orders. PhotoSweep collects, processes and mails the user’s photos automatically, in order to save the time of a checkout process, avoid having to pick up photos from a store, and skip having to mail photos to friends and family. Past coverage on PhotoSweep here
For more information on #PhxFlight Program email: or visit their website at
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