Tempe Startup asks…what is your Addiction.to?

The four years it takes for a student to earn their degree is comprised with endless homework and studying for exams, but perhaps the most important aspect of a college student’s life is their social life and all the extracurriculars that go with it. The Addiction.to app makes it easy to find people who share the same interests and go to the same events as you.
This new app that brings your friends and their events to the forefront of your life. Set up an account on your smartphone and start planning and sharing local events with your closest friends. Addiction.to is a play on words – I have an addiction to something. The app launches on February 27, 2014 at ASU as part of an exclusive beta test. An “.edu” email address is required to sign up for the app.
The reason behind choosing ASU as the location for the initial beta testing is because, “ASU is a close-knit community of social students in a really concentrated area. Since the app is focused on nearby get-togethers for people who share interests, there’s a good chance that anyone who joins addiction.to will share a deep yet temporary passion for something and be able to meet up with others on a daily basis using the app,” said Founder Scott Buscemi.
Friendships build because of a similar set of common interests or addictions and with this new app it’s now easier than ever to connect with friends and their events. An individual who uses the social app is able to fill up their schedule with up to 10 addictions at a time. The app notifies a user when one of their friends posts a nearby get together that matches an ‘addict’s’ addictions.
Although the word addiction has an association to drugs, gambling and whatnot, in this case an “addiction” is considered a meaningful passion to something that may only last for a few hours- which is why Addiction.to is perfect for the college student who has an active social lifestyle. Adding events and updating your addictions takes a few simple steps on your smartphone.
On the Addiction.to website there is a form that a college student can fill out requesting their school to be the next beta testing spot. The team at Addiction.to plan to announce the next expansion on March 31, 2014.
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