GoDaddy helps woman engineer quit her job during Super Bowl

At this years Super Bowl, GoDaddy went towards a more transformative advertising campaign by featuring women who are smart and successful small business owners and by focusing the commercials on their new products that help small businesses succeed online.
One such commercial showcased a woman named Gwen Dean. The focus of the commercial was to emphasize that Gwen recently left her job as a machine engineer to fully concentrate on her dream of becoming her own boss. With the help from GoDady’s Get Found product and other website building tools they offer, Gwen was able to start her own puppet making business called Puppets By Gwen.
When asked why she left her job Gwen stated, “It wasn’t that I am ‘unhappy’ at my engineering job, in fact, I always tell young girls they should become engineers because after that they can do anything they want to do. I’m thrilled to be moving to a new and exciting phase where I am listening to my inner-cheerleader – I am absolutely ready to do my own thing and be my own boss.”
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“This is about ‘the pull’ to become an entrepreneur. I’ve accomplished everything I wanted at my engineering job – this is about pursuing a dream I’ve had for years and the satisfaction of turning my passion into a full-time job.” GoDaddy is helping her achieve this. Gwen understands the importance the Internet has on a small business and she utilizes GoDaddy’s easy-to-use website builder to make sure she is online. “I think I actually could write code, but I didn’t want to take the time to learn – I wanted to focus on puppetry instead. The GoDaddy Website Builder lets anyone have a beautiful website without spending a lot of time or money; and as a small business, if you aren’t on the Internet, you are definitely missing out on business.”
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“Being in the Super Bowl is giving me unbelievable exposure for my puppet business – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sure. After this all settles down, it will be my website,, that will keep my name out there and help me Get Found online. I’m thrilled to have the GoDaddy Website Builder powering my site and am getting ready to book puppet shows and maybe even sell some puppets … I just have two more weeks before I can focus on my business full-time, but my website is already hard at work!”
This was GoDaddy’s 10th Super Bowl ad campaign, but this year they went with a very different approach. Drifting away from their “sex sells” themes from the past, GoDaddy’s newest ad campaign focuses on the services that they provide for small businesses and how they can help small businesses become successful.
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Photos provided by GoDaddy