Learn to go where Google is headed – Todd Hartley, CEO WireBuzz – #FLFPHOENIX talk

At the January Free Lunch Friday, Todd Hartley, CEO of WireBuzz, discussed a major topic that every small business and entrepreneur should be well informed in, how to move up in Google rankings through authentic content at the sold out Free Lunch Friday Phoenix event at Axosoft.
Hartley says, “A definitive indicator of relevance is what Google is looking for,” and can strongly benefit a small business’s marketing efforts. Hartley also emphasized that traditional search engine optimization (SEO) is dead, noting that, “It is, its the reality, the game is changing and the puck is moving.”
One of the more important aspects of Hartley’s lecture was the utilization of Google+ for small businesses. Even though the social features of Google+ have yet to really take off as the new mainstream social media site, it is Google+ and its’ other features can help small businesses with their marketing strategies. Features like user validated search results, Hartley indicated can strengthen a business’s presence online and bring their website to the top of Google’s front page. He discussed how a business has to post their content to their Google+ profile in order for it to be validated by Google.
Speaking of content, content is king, and Hartley made no hesitation in driving that point into everyone’s heads. He shared, “Content needs to be relevant to your target customer, it needs to answer questions, consumers need to find it useful, and the information needs to be shared with others.” Another tip that Hartley shared with the audience of entrepreneurs and technology industry leaders was to add YouTube videos into their websites. Hartley stated that, “Sites with embedded YouTube videos are 53x more likely to show on Google’s first page.” Adding videos to internet pages engages readers and keeps them coming back.
The next Free Lunch Friday is scheduled for February 28, 2014 at Axosoft with speaker Tom Rusling, General Manager of iAcquire.  Come back to AZTB for more info.