Startup BlueSpark helps young student athletes prepare for college

Athletic grooming is becoming more competitive, with kids starting to train in their field of sport as young as middle school; but it is during high school where the real competition starts. Scouting and researching for colleges with the best fit for student athletes starts to be a priority in freshman year, when universities begin to look at a student’s GPA.  One way for student athletes to research the best school for them is the new app BlueSpark, a self-help tool that tracks multiple aspects of a student athlete’s academic and athletic career.
The app is designed aid student athletes in the process of choosing a college that best fits an individual that might not be heavily scouted for their athletic skills, but rather need an additional tool to help with the college research process. The team over at BlueSpark wants to emphasize that the app is not a recruiting tool, but rather a self-help tool. A student athlete has to be knowledgeable of the schools they wish to attend, but there isn’t much room for suggestions if the high schooler has no knowledge of what certain colleges have to offer.
The app tracks:

  • How your grades affect your eligibility through grade point average and SAT/ACT test scores
  • Makes sure you are on track to attend the school of your choice and if you meet the requirements of your desired school
  • Scholarships and other funding options and estimates the cost of room and board of a desired school

BlueSpark app has already begun working with about 100 young athletes coming from Williams Field High School in Gilbert, Arizona. In an addition to the home state athletes, there are about 100 other student athlete memberships from across the nation.
Dr. Jennifer Murphy, NCAA Coordinator and counselor at Williams Field High School says, “I’ve been working with student athletes for more than a decade as an NCAA coordinator and high school counselor. BlueSpark is the best app I’ve seen for helping parents and athletes keep track of the vast and complicated college sports requirements.”
The app is a web-based application that can be used from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The team at BlueSpark intends to make several upgrades in the coming month, with plans of expanding and enhancing the design.
The app is being offered for a $99.99 yearly fee or a monthly fee of $14.99.
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