Gibson rocks and Crosley turns – the music side of CES 2014

After visiting many of the fast-paced and innovative sections of International CES, we at AZTB decided to stop and hear the music. First stop: Gibson Brands. Celebrating 120 years of tradition and innovation this year, Gibson Brands is now one of the fastest-growing global consumer electronics companies in the world and is poised for aggressive continued development in the music sector. Not to mention – they had Christopher Lloyd drive up in the DeLorean!
gibson 1
They had an impressive layout, with tons of new products displayed for attendees to view and even rock out. Min-ETune, Gibson’s revolutionary electronic self-tuning guitar feature, will now be a standard feature on all of Gibson’s 2014 Les Paul Standard models and 2014 Standard models. Approximately 40 percent of all of Gibson USA guitar models will now come standard with the Min-ETune feature. Pretty cool huh? Gibson also brought out the bling, with their ‘Double Diamond’ series guitar, which features one carat weight of diamonds on 24-carat hardwire. Who says a guitar can’t be a girl’s best friend?
Gibson Brands also debuted a hot product from Onkyo – the Trainer Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ES-BT1. These headphones are perfect for anyone looking to kick-off a New Year’s fitness resolution. Trainer is designed to sit on the ear so you can hear enough outside sound to stay safe on your morning run while still jamming out to your favorite tunes. Breathable fabric grips your ears firmly but comfortably and keeps sweat away, keeping you cool. The headphones feature concealed, easy-to-use playback and call controls, a built-in microphone, and are compatible with a wide range of smartphones. Trainer is available in three stylish color combinations for $99. Keep an eye out for our tech review of these headphones! Learn more about Gibson products here!
For those of you who prefer a more vintage, retro flavor, Crosley also showcased some of their newest models of record players and headphones with a wide array of colors and features. The company is finding new and innovative ways to incorporate new tech with a vintage flair. Among the top mentions were the Amplitone Headphones. Perfect for all-day listening, these vintage beauts sit easily on the head and rest comfortably on the ears. The comfortable padded headband is covered in soft fabric, and features integrated sliders that allow the user to adjust the headphones for the perfect fit. The braided headphone cable is removable and replaceable, and is widely compatible with a variety of Crosley products, as well as mp3 players, cell phones, and other audio products. Crosley also showcased the CR8015 Distiller Speaker, which looks like an old boombox, but is fully Bluetooth capable! Check out what’s up and coming for Crosley and product listings here.