Cool moments in AZ Tech – a look back at 2013

The AZ Tech Beat team has been in high gear and have serious momentum! For 2014 we are planning more cool events and meetups and continuing to be the go to online news source from our tech scene. As Editor in Chief one of the favorite parts of my job is when I talk with founders or investors from here, and outside of AZ, and they tell me “I had no idea so much was going on in AZ tech.” My response follows some rendition of “hell yeah there is!” and I’m stoked to share the insight!
Though this slideshow doesn’t even being to showoff all the awesome we’ve covered and attended in AZ, nor all the amazing people that make it all happen, it’ll give you some preview to the amount of activity and vibrancy that is happening in our tech space. Thanks to all of our readers, for sharing your news, and those who kick ass everyday to make AZ tech great! Bring on 2014!