Mastering biology with Picmonic – startup

Where was this when I was in college? Remember taking biology class and trying to recall the difference between cytoplasm, nucleoplasm and mitochondria during an exam? Luckily one startup can help. Picmonic is a research proven audiovisual mnemonic tool that helps students master information faster and retain knowledge longer. Currently the product is centered around K-12 students enrolled in basic science classes as well as students studying for the MCAT biology.
Most recently, Picmonic won the Startup Connect AZ pitch contest and took home the cash to support product development. I spoke to Founders Adeel Yang and Ron Robertson, to get the scoop.
I understand this idea sparked while you were medical students?
Adeel: It all started when Ron and I were in medical school at the University of Arizona-we would study for an exam and shortly after we took the test, we would forget everything we just studied. Ron and I, along with our study group started using our own visual mnemonics, we realized that it was way more effective and we would retain the information longer. We knew we had something. We started working with artists, creating stories and vivid imagery [and based our designs and product] on scientifically proven mnemonic research. It made a huge difference in our studies. We created a prototype and asked for some time off from school to develop Picmonic. We moved our operations to Tempe, and in less than a year we have over 24,000 medical students using Picmonic for their studies.
How does this product differ from other online tools?
Ron: Picmonic delivers scientific memory techniques through unforgettable imagery, audio instructions and textual overviews. The creative characters and stories allow students to quickly make connections to information, thereby improving long-term retention by over 300 percent. [We are] reinventing studying for the modern student allowing them to master information faster, retain knowledge longer and recall the material when it counts. The methodology seems bizarre, but the results are real.
Who is currently using the product?
Adeel: Picmonic’s patented software-based learning system is currently serving over 22,000 medical students in 450+ schools and 70+ countries. We also launch 3 other products this year: Junior High School Science, MCAT Biology and Nursing which are available to the public. Students in the medical and/science field can sign up for the free trial here.
Read more about Picmonic and their win here.
Photos provided by Picmonic