Gadgets for the Guru

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“Gadgets for the Guru” is talking more back-to-school gadgets. This week we are featuring gadgets that are fun, yet helpful, for the college students. Have a look!
For any student that has some time on their hands or want to learn a new skill, gTar provides them with a great pastime. gTar is an app-enabled smart guitar equipped with a multi-touch LED fret board that indicates where to place your fingers and smart strings that have sensors that detect notes by using a regular pick, the SmartPick or your fingers. Users dock their iPhone into the gTar’s body and using the gTar app, or numerous other compatible apps, the guitar teaches the user their favorite songs using three modes of difficulty.  All sounds made by the gTar play through your iPhone, including backup instruments and effects. The gTar tracks how well you are learning each song in real-time and also has the ability to be set to “FreePlay” played like a regular guitar. For the engineer, the gTar is fully hackable, find out how at Pre-orders only, $399  Watch how it works and to order here.

Clocky and Tocky are the alarm clocks for those who “abuse” the snooze button in the morning. Users can set the alarm to allow either one snooze period or none. When the alarm sounds and the snooze button is pressed, Clocky and Tocky will roll off the bedside table and adventure around your bedroom floor while continuing to make sound until the sleepy head gets out of bed to retrieve it. Tocky features a microphone for users to record their own wake-up sounds and the ability to upload two hours of MP3s. Clocky and Tocky can also be disabled for conventional alarm clock use. Clocky, $45, comes in six colors: white, light blue, pink, silver, black and red. Tocky, $58, comes in seven colors: light blue, lime green, orange, white, black, red. Watch this funny video to see how it can get your sleepy self out of bed here.
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Students have headed back to school this week with their new clothes, shoes and accessories, so why shouldn’t their laptops get their very own back-to-school wardrobe? Computer Apparel’s Hoodie Laptop Sleeve is made from soft cotton sweatshirt material and the back compartment features five layers of protective padding material. The hood zips creating a pocket for power cords and headphones. The Hoodie front pockets also zip for storage of your smartphone, pens and keys. The sleeve can handle mobile devices or laptops up to 15 inches. $29.99 – $39.99
Roku 3 with remote no headphones
As seen on CNET, the Roku 3 is a great option for any college student’s streaming needs. The Roku 3 provides users with more than 800 channels of movies, TV shows, sports, music and games. The streaming player allows access to Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster on Demand, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Spotify, MLB.TV, Pandora, VEVO and more. The Roku 3 features 1080p HD, dual-band wireless, Ethernet and USB ports and a MicroSD slot for extra storage space and is compatible with HDTVs and digital TVs. Users can control their player with the included remote or through the free iOS or Android app. $99.99