GoDaddy opens 14 new domain name extensions for small businesses

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar, is offering 14 new domain name extensions for pre-registration as part of the new program to expand the Internet landscape. The new domain name extensions increase the inventory of available website addresses, giving users more opportunity to register memorable and relevant domain names.
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Why would a business want to put this extension at the end? GoDaddy explains that the extensions give businesses, organizations or individuals the best chance to capture the name they want and categorize their business more specifically. For example, a bike shop or biking club might find their ‘just right’ name in .BIKE. Camera enthusiasts might find their ideal name using .PHOTOGRAPHY or .CAMERA. Experts or consultants may want to show their resume using .GURU.”
Earlier this year GoDaddy offered  .UNO, .MENU, .BUILD and .LUXURY, and 700 additional domain names are expected to launch over the next 24 months. I can only hope they add .AWESOME or .KICKASS – I’m all over that.
GoDaddy Vice President Domains Mike McLaughlin explains the strategy, “The new names give businesses an easy way to establish a credible and memorable identity. In order for small businesses to be successful, a strong online identity is a must. The new name options can help provide quick and easy context for a business. If you think about it, domain names are essentially 21st century real estate — it is the online address given to customers, friends and family.”
To make these extensions available for pre-registration, GoDaddy has entered an agreement with Donuts, Inc., the registry responsible for these 14 new names, to offer pre-registrations to the public.
Donuts co-founder and Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing Dan Schindler comments on the relationship, “Since we have been engaged in talks with GoDaddy, we have felt their passion for providing top-level service to their customers. GoDaddy is focused on being the place small businesses go to create their digital identities and these new domains are going to provide many new options for businesses.”
How does pre-registration work? By pre-registering, it puts customers at the front of the line when the domain names are open, then after pre-registration closes and registration opens, GoDaddy will work to capture the domain name from the operator, also known as registry. When successful, the pre-registered domain name will appear in the customer’s account, signaling the request has been secured. If multiple people requested the same domain name, it will be put to auction for those competing in the pre-registration step. If GoDaddy is unable to secure the domain name, customers will receive a full refund less any application fees.
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