AZ Technology Council announces 16 startups to compete at Startup Connect AZ

AZ Technology Council’s Startup Connect AZ, a high-energy all-day conference filled with education, networking, and a discussion of a variety of topics revolving around technology and entrepreneurship, mentorship, and funding, announced today their keynote speaker, Arizona business and sport legend, Jerry Colangelo as well as their 16 startups to compete for a cash prize.
Startups chosen will represent several of the fastest growing startup markets in Arizona, including: health and bio technology, education technology and STEM, clean technology, and e-commerce and software-as-a-service and compete for a grand prize cash fund directly from 100 percent of ticket sales and a year of dedicated Cloud hosting and support.
Introducing the startups:
Clean Tech
Pfhotonika – consists of a fully integrated, off-grid renewable carbon free energy with an innovative solar to hydrogen power system that produces electricity, heat and water 365/24/7.
PoG Technologies – developed FilterWatch, a low-cost, AAA battery-powered sensor designed to track relative airflow and temperature changes.
Pollen Tech – developed artificial pollination solutions that increase yield and reduce risk for farmers by helping them better match bloom times with pollination and respond more quickly to variations in weather and crop needs.
BISTEG USA – a startup that is prototyping the future of solar design.
Education Tech
Picmonic – is an interactive online audiovisual learning system that is reinventing studying for the modern student. Picmonic delivers scientific memory techniques through unforgettable imagery, audio instructions and textual overviews. The cohesive stories allow students to make fast connections to information, thereby improving long-term retention and recall by over 300 percent.
SpeakEsy – a program that helps you develop awesome presentations skills using a 3D public speaking simulator with real-time feedback.
Heroes for Students – HEROES (Helping Educators Revive Our Economic Success) is a standards-based classroom curriculum supplement and online platform for networking K-12 teachers to role models from the community to apply students’ academic content to the real world.
CareerHearted – offers online and in-person business courses for alternative healthcare and creative arts industries.
Kibibox – an adaptive knowledge-sharing platform through the web and mobile application.
Health Tech
iCoachFitness  –  uses their proprietary ACT™ system to capture body movement from an individual that allows a fitness professional to identify compensations and provide recommended exercises and stretches for their client’s program.
AboutMyCare™– enables healthcare providers to improve the patient experience by providing them with an innovative mobile solution that captures and converts targeted, real-time patient experience information into valuable management insights aimed at improving service delivery and recapturing lost Value-Based-Purchasing Revenues.
MyCounterPane – is an online hub where patients and caregivers of chronic illness document their journeys via their emotional ups and downs through a mood based journaling tool called the Moodifier®.
Performance 3D – is the creator of the first wireless, biomechanics technology embedded in athletic clothing. Performance 3D’s SMART Garments verbally instruct the user while performing sports, fitness, and rehab exercises, or any repeatable work task while creating a plan of treatment for improvement or corrective exercise program.
eCommerce/SaaS Tech
Traklight – a do-it-yourself tool for potential intellectual property identification. This tool helps reduce in-person attorney consultation costs by an average of $250, educating and empowering entrepreneurs on IP in the process.
Resumoto – provides free job search software tools for job seekers that will accurately “auto-fill” hours worth of online job applications from their data warehouse in mere minutes.
Photosweep – is a mobile app designed to provide users with a way to receive printed copies of their photos, on a regular basis, by simply adding the photos to a queue at the time of capture, and indicating how often they wish to receive the printed photos from their queue.
Brett Approved – the first travel review, rating and booking website site dedicated to those with mobility challenges.
The conference takes place December 18, 2013 from 8:00 am to 5:00pm. Learn more and sign up here. Also, if you are interested in sponsoring the event, learn more here!
Best to all of the startups!