Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – Tech Review

The AZTB gadget review team is back in full force, fully equipped with smartphones and this time we bring you the Galaxy S4 Zoom. We know you might be overloaded with smartphone options this holiday season, so we’re here to give you some of the good and not so good features of the Zoom. Our team consisted of a software engineer and tech savvy consumer. Here’s the rundown…
The Good:

  • Voice-to-text is much faster and more accurate in comparison to iPhone
  • Phone would be hard to slip out of your hand
  • Good screen quality/clarity
  • Videos turned out clear
  • Sound quality was great. One reviewer said, “Anytime someone called me, they immediately asked me if I got a new phone because of how clear the sound was.”
  • Picture quality is great
  • Music played well on phone

The Not So Good:

  • Camera comes out unexpectedly
  • Phone is awkward to carry due to size, won’t fit in pocket and the lens kept turning. One reviewer said many people commented “Whoa, that is huge!”
  • Sensitivity level on keys is high – caused apps to open accidentally
  • Battery life is not good, constantly drained, despite little usage
  • Not very durable

Overall, our gadget team found the Galaxy S4 Zoom to be…so-so. Its bulky design seems to make it more of a camera than a phone and the poor battery life may be frustrating for those who plan to use the phone frequently, which, who doesn’t? As one reviewer commented, “It’s just another Android phone.”
What do you think of the Galaxy S4 Zoom? Share your experience with us below.
Cellphone was provided by AT&T for an independent review. Pricing from AT&T:
The Galaxy S4 Zoom is available at AT&T for $99.99 with a 2-year contract, plus activation fees.
Check with your cellphone carrier for pricing and contracts for a preferred phone. AZTB is not endorsing a particular brand or carrier. This was an independent review for our readers.