Startup Intrakr launches low-cost inventory management solution for small businesses

Keeping track of your sales and products through inventory is a huge part of running a successful business and can help determine what the future of your product inventory will look like. Every entrepreneur will tell you that inventory is a tedious task, but albeit a necessary one. Kirk Morales, founder and CEO of Intrakr recognized a void in the market for a low-cost inventory tracking product for entrepreneurs and launched his online and mobile application inventory management solution this last week. His product suits a variety of industries, including retail, e-commerce, warehouses, and food & beverage. I spoke to Kirk to learn more.
Simple and efficient – perfect! How did you come up with this?
I’ve been involved with small businesses since I was 15 years old, and owning a few of my own along the way. A common theme I noticed was the difficultly of keeping track of products that were for sale. Some companies don’t even think about the process until it’s too late.
In 2011, I began doing some research on products for a friend that was experiencing theft issues in his store, but had no tracking, so he couldn’t prove it. I found that there was no service that satisfied his three major requirements: low-cost, mobile (accessible from anywhere, not just a computer in  the store) and easy-to-use (no prior inventory management experience required)
The company was officially formed in June 2013 when I left my job at AMEX to pursue the growth of Intrakr full-time. Our product went live this month.
How does Intrakr work?
Users log into Intrakr from any device with a modern web browser. They can create products, sales orders, purchase orders, customers, and vendors all through the web interface. Data is immediately stored in the Cloud and can be accessed from any other device. Getting started is easy, with no credit card or proprietary hardware or software required.
What kind of feedback have you received since going live?
There is a great need for this type of solution for small and micro businesses. Prospects who have seen our application enjoy the design and experience, agree with the price point, and recognize the need for it in the marketplace.
That’s great. So once the inventory is taken, does it sync to the iOS app as well?
Yes – any change made in the app is stored immediately in the Cloud and can be seen by any other device. For example, if one employee sells an item, another will see that it’s unavailable from wherever they are. The product can also be used in the browser of an Android device.
What companies have you tested the product with so far?
We have been beta testing and doing interviews with various small businesses in the Phoenix area. The most notable company that began using our product is  Heckler Design.
How do you keep this information secure?
All data is transferred to/from our servers using 128-bit SSL security.  Data is redundant in the cloud, so if something terrible does happen, it’s all backed up. Credit card storage and payment processing is not done or stored on Intrakr’s servers.
Did you receive funding for the development of Intrakr?
We are currently self-funded, but will be seeking a seed round within the next 6 months.
How can companies get started?
Companies can get started by visiting our registration page. Pricing information is available on our website.
Intrakr ranges from $25 to $100 per month with a wide range of features. Sign up for your 14-day free trial today and get started with Intrakr here.
Photos provided by Intrakr