Gadgets for the Guru Gift Guide

AZ Tech Beat has spent all year long looking high and low for the most unique, functional, fun and interesting gadgets for our readers. Remember that one gadget you saw months back made you stop and think, “That would be a perfect gift for Sally!” We figured searching back through our archives might be a little tedious for you, as we have posted so many great articles since then. The AZTB team has gathered all our gadgets together in one place for all your gifting need. We present the “Gadgets for the Guru Holiday Gift Guide” for all your tech enthusiastic loved ones.
HP Pocket PlaylistHP Pocket Playlist
The HP Pocket Playlist streams movies, music, TV shows and photos to up to five mobile devices at the same time without an Internet service or data plan. The device acts as a DVR and holds up to 16 full-length movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos. The device will be available for purchase in mid-March.
Juice Bar1Juicebar Solar Charger
This multi-device portable charger uses the sun’s rays or indoor lighting to power your devices, making it ideal for travelling. This charger contains a USB port, allowing you to use your own charging cable.
zookaZooka Speaker
This sleek, lightweight speaker connects wirelessly to mobile devices, tablets, laptops and notebooks via Bluetooth with a 30-foot range. Zooka allows users to play games, listen to music and watch movies five times louder than their device allows. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, green, orange, navy, teal, pink and purple.
Touchfire1-300x198Touchfire iPad Keyboard
The Touchfire keyboard fits right over the on-screen keyboard on your iPad, eliminating the difficulty of typing on a glass screen. This keyboard provides the feel and touch of a regular keyboard while maintaining your ability to use your touchscreen below it.
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.51.59 PMJackery Bar
The Jackery Bar is a small, lightweight rechargeable mobile battery that aids in keeping smartphones and tablets charged from 50 minutes to 220 hours of extra operation time when you are on the go. The Jackery Bar comes in three sizes: the Mini (50 min.), Bar (120 hours), Giant (220 hours).
$29.95 – $59.95
The iOstand is a universal magnetic stand for tablets, iPads, e-readers, iPhones and other devices.The stand allows for rotation in any direction and easy attachment and detachment to the magnetic adapter that does not harm your devices.
$90 – 120
This USB microphone, from Blue Microphones, improves the clarity of online conversations through reducing background noise and bringing your voice to the forefront. The Tiki can be used in Intelligent Speech Mode for conversations and Natural Recording Mode for quality recordings of podcasts and music.
Nomad2Nomad PLAY
The Nomad PLAY is a paintbrush stylus designed for drawing and painting on tablets, iPhones, Kindles, etc. Handcrafted from maple and soft rubber, the Nomad is easy to grip and will not scratch the screen of your device. The paintbrush comes in blue, yellow, red and green. 
apptag1AppTag Laser Blaster
The AppTag Laser Blaster by Hex3 allows for kids to play laser tag in their home by attaching your iPhone or Android phone to the laser-shooting device. The free AppTag application that can be downloaded onto the iPhone keeps score and allows for picking up health kits, body armor and ammunition packs.
Kids TabletPolaroid Kids Tablet
This tablet by Polaroid is geared towards kids by combining the fun and entertainment they love with the durability and educational benefits parents love. The tablet is equipped with side and rear bumpers to protect the tablet and parental controls and a safe web browser. 
Grain Audio HeadphonesGrain Audio Headphones
These over ear headphones from Grain Audio feature ear cups made of FSC certified walnut wood with hand-applied oil finish. These headphones deliver pure, natural sound using 2x40mm proprietary loudspeakers with Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil. The headphones are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. They also come with an inline remote and mic, a 1¼ phono adapter and a carrying case.
Learn more about Grain Audio’s culture and design here.
Bluetooth. Keyboard
Penclic Bluetooth Mouse
The Penclic Bluetooth Mouse feels and acts like a pen with the capabilities of a computer mouse. The design creates a relaxed working position for the user, reducing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from regular mouse use, and features five buttons, a scroll wheel and laser sensor-operating on almost any surface. It has a wireless range of up to 16 feet, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two months on a full charge and is MAC and PC compatible.
Buy it on Amazon here.
R2LR2L Radiation Buster
This R2L Radiation Buster device is a paper-thin microprocessor that reduces cell phone and smartphone radiation by 70 percent and converts it into harmless light so you can see it working. The device was tested in accordance with FCC-approved Specific Absorption of Radiation (SAR) testing methods. By using R2L’s phone placement guide online, users can easily place the device on the back of most cell phones and smartphones.
Watch their demo video here.
iPower Sight
iPower iSight
This miniature projector, iPower Sight, connects to most smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles via a HDMI/MHL cable. The device can project sporting games, movies, PowerPoint shows and photos up to a 200-inch diagonal screen from up to 15 feet away with its DLP Optical technology 854×480 resolution lens. The Sight features dual built-in speakers, a projection time of 2 hours on a full charge and a detachable tripod.
Watch their demo video here.
The Hoodi™ magnetic shade provides shade, privacy and protection for your iPad. This device shields the iPad from the sun, preventing reflective glare and protecting it from direct heat. Additionally, the Hoodi blocks prying eyes so you can browse in privacy. The Hoodi attaches to the iPad using magnets and it folds into the size of a checkbook for easy carrying. This device is available for pre-order for any iPad generation and comes in seven colors, Sapphire Blue, Crimson Red, Juicy Pink, Brushed Aluminum, Midnight Blue and Camouflage.
Spot-ConnectSPOT Connect
The SPOT Connect links your smartphone to communication satellites when you are outside of cell phone coverage. While hiking, camping and driving in these areas, the Connect allows you to send text messages, emails and Facebook and Twitter updates, as well as send GPS coordinates and an emergency message to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center if you are in need of assistance. The Connect can also be programmed to send check-in messages to predetermined contacts with a click of a button.
Watch their demo video here.
Joy Digital Scale
Joy Digital Scale
The AZTB team receives many tech gadgets to review–this one came from ADE Germany and has a combination for the health conscious or those looking to lose weight. The Joy Digital Scale will not only weigh your food, but has an iPod and iPhone docking station. Yes, it is now possible to weigh your veggies, cook and jam at the same time-life is complete. The digital scale measures weight instead of volume for more accurate results, it has an automatic shut off and can run on a lithium battery.  Can’t live with out this?
EpishockEpishock Speaker
As seen on ABC Shark Tank, the Epishock speaker by OrigAudio utilizes vibration technology to turn any glass, wood, metal or plastic flat surface, such as a table or desk, into a loudspeaker. The speaker has the ability to connect to any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, including iPhones, Androids and laptops. It features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides up to 6+ hours of playtime. The Epishock can also be connected to additional speakers to increase the volume. $44.99
Watch the demo video and purchase the speakers here.
USB CufflinksUSB Flash Drive Cufflinks
These stylish USB Flash Drive Cufflinks store either 4GB or 8GB of important files and data. The cufflinks come in a variety of colors, such as silver, gun metal and gold, and various playful designs, such as R2D2, USA Flag, Superman and Batman. All cufflinks feature a whale back closure for engraving for an additional $8.
$100 – $250
The LaunchPort system includes a magnetic Sleeve and a WallStation or BaseStation that allows the user to charge their iPad without a cord adaptor around their house with ease. It is compatible with the iPad 2 and the new iPad.
$149 Sleeve $199 Station
The iSpoon by Umbra is the perfect cooking tool for those who store their recipe books on their tablets and smart phones. The iSpoon features a beechwood spoon on one side and a silicon stylus on the other, allowing chefs, both amateur and professional, to maintain a clean device and ability to mix ingredients with ease. This utensil and stylus is food-safe and is hand-washable.
Stick it, lose it, track it, find it. The StickNFind is a Bluetooth tracker about the size of a quarter that can be placed on any device or item you want to track up to 100 feet. The item will show up on the Radar Screen app on your iOS or Android device. It also has a “vitual leash” component for your pet-by rigging the tracker onto the collar, an alarm will sound if the pet wanders out of range. The Radar Screen can track up to 20 StickNFind stickers.
$49.99 for a 2-pack
Cable KeepsCableKeeps
These colorful CableKeeps provide added personality and utility to your white 5W and 10W Apple power adaptors used for the iPads, iPhones and iPods. Not only do they keep your charging cables tangle-free when placed into a bag or purse, but some designs provide a charging pedestal for iPods and iPhones.
GoPoint-e1369422358942BT1 Auto Diagnostic Device
The BT1 auto diagnostic device provides on-the-go auto diagnostic checks for your vehicle. By plugging the device into your vehicle’s OBD-II data port and downloading the BT1 app on your iOS device, you can identify the efficiency of your vehicle in between maintenance visits. The BT1 will even diagnose stored trouble codes before indicators light up on your dash so you can fix problems early and determine if the repair is a DIY or requires a mechanic. The BT1 device also checks your vehicle’s engine temperature, fuel pressure, engine coolant temperature, fuel injection system status, mass airflow rate and much more.
Jam-Pac-Speakers-700x325Bicycle Speaker System
This speaker system from Audible Rush, Inc. is designed for bicycles and is compatible with iPods, iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones and other devices with a standard 12mm headphone output jack. The Jam-Pac is designed with a quick-release mount to fit recreational and performance type handlebars and features a 12-volt amplifier. In addition, the speakers feature a weather resistant storage bag, support for the phone’s GPS navigation features and the ability to charge your smartphone on-the-go. Price is based on model and additional accessories.
$159.95 – $209.95
Martian WatchMartian Watch
This stylish smart watch uses voice command control to access users’ mobile phones. The user can listen and respond to text messages, set calendar notification and reminders, control music and search the web without touching their smartphone. Martian watches also display text messages, Facebook and Twitter notifications and calendar events on its face in a small OLED screen. In addition, it has a noise–cancellation microphone, Bluetooth 4.0 chip, directional personal speaker and men and women styles. The watches are available for pre-order now and will be in retail in June.
$249 – $299
Sifteo Cubes
These gaming cubes allows kids and adults to play classic games like chess, dominoes and jigsaw puzzles, as well as word games, adventure games, math puzzles, brain teasers, design challenges and more, through interactive game technology. Simply move, shake, flip, rotate and connect the cubes to play the games. The cubes connect to your computer via USB cable and users can download new games through the Sifteo Base. One can purchase three to six cube packages that comes with pre-installed games then add-on additional individual cubes, or sets, to expand the fun.
$29 – $199
Durango_Smoke_lft-side-3_4-front_650pxPivothead Video Eyewear
Pivothead Wearable Imaging’s new eyewear is equipped with a 1080p HD video camera with an internal memory capacity of 8GB. The camera features four focus settings, burst capture and time-lapse modes, a high-quality microphone and more. Users also have the ability to control the camera’s settings and view videos and photos on their iOS or Android device through the Pivothead app. Prescription and polarized lens are available.
Water Dancing SpeakersWater Dancing Speakers
Plug these 9” tall speakers into an iPod, mp3 player, computer or any device with a 3.5mm audio jack and USB connection to activate the water jets and LED multi-color lights inside. The water and lights dance to the beat of the music.
This unique tripod system, SOLOSHOT, automatically rotates your camera to follow you or your subject up to 2000 feet away using a small waterproof sensor attached to an armband. The SOLOSHOT allows those filming to create high-quality video footage without the need for a camera operator. A great accessory to film outdoor sports or an active lifestyle. 
Zmart_Remote_3__56569.1364221420.1280.1280-1-e1368209964537Zmart Remote
Viatek Zmart Remote turns your iOS or Android device into a universal remote enabling you to control your CD players, TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, stereos, projectors and more. By installing the free application on Google Play or the App Store and plugging in the remote device into the audio jack of your phone, you expand your controlling options.
Memoto is five-megapixel camera that can be placed to your clothing with a stainless steel clip. This small camera automatically captures a photo every 30 seconds or can be double-tapped to take a single shot.  The mobile app is iPhone and Android compatible and comes with cloud service. Memoto features a micro-USB port for charging and connecting to a computer. 
IRIScan Mouse
IRIScan Mouse
The IRIScan Mouse scans documents as it slides over the page, turning it into a digital file that can be imported into PDF, Word, Excel and more. Using its Optical Character Recognition software, the mouse turns the scan into an editable document. You can also upload your scans directly to social media sites and the Cloud. This mouse is compatible with PCs.
Seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, the SoundBender magnetically connects to the iPad’s speaker area and bends the sound towards the user, amplifying the sound. This accessory is designed to fit the iPad 2,3 and 4. The SoundBender comes in six colors: black, white, red, pale blue, hot pink and gray.
USB Wristband
This USB Flash Drive Wristband not only allows you to transport your digital files easily but stylishly. Each flash drive holds 4 GB of files and you can choose from a variety different colors from their tie-dye, solid, glow-in-the-dark, peace and medical styles. $23.95
The Brydge is a full-sized Bluetooth, aerospace-grade aluminum keyboard that connects to the iPad 2, 3rd and 4th Generations with a click-in hinge that allows for almost 180 degrees of movement. The keyboard matches the look and feel of the iPad, and some models have an optional integrated speaker system. It also comes in black polycarbonate.
Power2U is an energy-efficient, in-wall AC/USB receptacle made for both residential and commercial applications. This outlet allows users to plug USB chargers and devices straight into the wall, eliminating the need for adapters. Installation is “DIY” on any 15Amp circuit and comes with a 16 cubic inch electrical box. Product offered in single and multiple packs.
Single $14.99
The SmartStick by FAVI Entertainment transforms any HDTV into a Smart TV, giving users the ability to access apps via Andriod Marketplace and movies and music through HBO GO, Flixter, YouTube, Pandora and more. No subscriptions are necessary to use the SmartStick, you just plug it in the HDMI port, connect to WIFI and go!
$49.99 (4GB) or $79.99 (8GB)
Ripa Solar ChargerRIPA Solar Charger
This charger uses built in solar panels to power your devices on-the-go. It features a battery storage capacity two times the normal capacity of a laptop battery and has a lifespan of 20 years and a conversion rate of 16 percent. The charger has a LED flashlight and an ultrasonic mosquito repellent device, making it perfect for use in the outdoors.
MiPow PowerTubePower Tube 2600M
The Power Tube from MiPow is a portable charging device designed for Micro USB powered devices and has a built-in micro USB for recharging. It features 2 LED lights to display the status of charging and has a 2600mAh capacity. The tube is made with an aluminum casing that comes in nine colors: orange, white, navy blue, grey, light blue, pink, red, green and purple.
The SwingTIP is a 3D Bluetooth interactive device that attaches to any golf club and sends your swing data to an application on your smart phone. The application shows a video-like animation of your swing, highlights where improvements can be made and provides tips from golf professionals. Practice your swing at the office, home or on your favorite course — you can SwingTIP anywhere.
The myIDkey is the first fingerprint, voice-search, secure Bluetooth / USB drive password management system you can take on the go, and works with all smart mobile devices and personal computers. Your passwords, usernames, account numbers and other important information can be transferred onto the device by connecting via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet or by plugging it into a computer. The myIDkey has several security features to protect your information and can only be unlocked with a combination of your finger- or thumb-print scanner and your voice activation. After speaking your request into the built-in microphone, the information is displayed on an OLED screen. If your myIDkey is lost or stolen, the contents of the device will automatically be erased if multiple attempts are made to access the information.
Watch the Founders demo the product here.
Bike-Camera-176x300Time Lapse Bike Camera
Seen on Gizmodo, Gear Patrol and BBC News, the Brinno Time Lapse Bike Camera is designed for the adventurous one and has the ability to turn your video clips into a time-lapse video without stitching, converting or processing. The Brinno is a 140-degree wide-angle, HD camcorder that can mount on bicycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles and more. With a battery life of up to seven days, the camera allows users to capture their adventures and then easily upload them to a smartphone with the On-The-Go smartphone adapter. The camera features an LCD preview screen and a removable weather-resistant case to protect the camera.
Watch their demo time-lapse video here.
MG_7430-6-1024x808Vivitar XO 
The Vivitar XO is a tablet made just for kids. The Android tablet provides kids with a new way to learn and play. The Vivitar XO features more than 100 preloaded educational games, apps, videos, e-books and more. In addition, parents can access the Internet, conventional Android app store and Google Play store with a password. They can also monitor how much time their child spends on each app, game and book. The Vivtar XO has up to 8 hours of battery life and features a 7-inch 1024 x 600 dpi hi-resolution screen and a 1.64GHx dual-core processor.
New_Blue Motorcycle_GPS
No more worries about managing your smartphone if you have to wear gloves, ThumbDogs with touchscreen technology was designed for skiers, snowboarders, hunters, motorcyclists, construction workers and military men and women who often wear gloves. This gadget is made from stretchable nylon and special conductive fabric, and fits over almost any style of glove, allowing you to use your smartphone with ease.
$14.99 Set of 2
The iLumi is an energy-efficient LED light bulb with a lifespan of up to 20 years and is controlled wirelessly through your Android or IOS mobile app. Users are able to change their lighting from a variation of bright white to an array of rich colors through your phone. Currently, iLumi can only be purchased by pledging money to support their Indiegogo startup campaign through Startup America.
Packages start at $69
The Slingshot by BlueFlame - Lifestyle imageSlingshot
The Slingshot is a portable, water-resistant sound system. The speaker syncs with Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 33 feet away and features a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls. The compact 40mm diameter speaker has 1.2W of power output and achieves a 100Hz-10KHz-frequency range. It is encased in a soft sling for easy home use and can be taken out and placed in a To-Go Sling. The Slingshot is available in two models, one with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and one powered by 4-AA batteries.
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.24.43 PMUCO Arka
The UCO Arka is a collapsible, rechargeable lantern and flashlight with a built-in USB charging port designed for the adventurer. The light features a 4AH lithium-ion battery and burns on high for 6 to 8 hours and on low for up to 50 hours. The Arka has five lighting modes: high, low, tactical night vision, strobe and S.O.S. emergency strobe. It can also recharge your mobile device. The light displays battery level and charging status with a built-in LED indicator light.
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.28.06 PMMYO
This Y Combinator graduate, Thalmic Labs had one of the largest Series A round of any YC graduate for their product MYO. It’s a one-size-fits-all wearable motion and gesture-controlled armband that allows users to use electrical activity in their muscles to wirelessly control their computers, phones and other digital technologies. Using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, the MYO can interact with Windows and Mac OS, as well as APIs iOS and Android, by detecting gestures and movements through muscle activity and motion sensing. The MYO is available for pre-order now.
Check out this amazing video to see how it works…
This isn’t your ordinary spider, this versatile, portable dock and podium has flexible legs to allow for positioning your mobile device or camera at any angle and location. Made of British steel and coated with a ‘SoftTouch’ rubber, the Spiderpodium safely supports a variety of devices and items. The stand comes in seven colors: pink, purple, white green, graphite, blue and black. AZTB used the Spiderpodium to film a video on our smartphone. It worked well, didn’t scratch the glass, and held up to the product features. Thumbs up from AZTB!
$20 – $30 
Look at all the different ways to use the Spiderpodium and order one here.  

IDPC201BLU_rolledid America Crosslink Cable
The id America Crosslink Universal Sync and Charge Cable is a one stop charging shop and compatible with over 3,000 devices. The cable features a micro USB for charging Samsung, Blackberry and HTC smartphones, a 30-pin for charging all generation iPhones up to the 4S, the iPad 1 through 3, iPod touch 1 through 4, and a Lightening port for charging the iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and iPod nano 7. The cable comes in six colors: black, blue, green, pink, white and yellow.
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.31.07 PMmyFC PowerTrekk
The myFC PowerTrekk is a portable fuel cell charger that runs on water. This device converts hydrogen gas into electricity through it’s Proton Exchange Membrane. Simply add water to one side of the fuel cell and the PowerTrekk Puck cartridge to the other and energy is generated. The fuel cell can charge USB-compatible electronics, such as smartphones, tablets and GPS units. The PowerTrekk can store electricity in its rechargeable lithium-ion battery for charging on-the-go.
iP4 Boombox
The iP4 Boombox by iHome features SRS TruBass digital signal processing technology and five adjustable EQ sliders. Additionally, the iP4 provides exceptional sound with its Class “D” amplifier combined with 4” carbon composite woofers and 1” dome tweeters. This retro boombox’s dock is compatible with any iPhone or docking iPod and has FM radio and an aux-in jack.
Lightbulb-300x198Wireless Lamp Speaker
This wireless lamp speaker from Texas Instruments turns any existing floor, table or pendent lights into a wireless speaker system. By replacing your old light bulbs with the patented lamp speaker, users can play music from their iPod, MP3 player, computers, stereos and TVs. By combining the Sound of Light speaker with up to four other speakers, users can create whole house audio. The lamp speaker comes with a transmitter, remote control with an operating range of 200 feet, RCA cable and 3.5 mini jack cable.
Shower Speaker
Showerhead and Wireless Speaker
The Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker from Kohler, allows the user to listen to their music with a clean, clear sound. The Moxie speaker connects via Bluetooth to devices up to 32 feet away. The speaker can also be removed from the Moxie and for wireless music on-the-go and charging. It features 60 angled nozzles with 2.5 gpm spray and a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 7 hours of play.
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.51.27 PM
The freeKEY, by Scosche, is a water-resistant, Bluetooth, flexible, roll up, keyboard that is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Androids and many more. With the freeKEY, users have the ability to complete emails, surf the web and more when away from their desktop computers, and it lasts up to 60 hours on a full charge. The keyboard rolls up for easy storage, has a wireless range of up to 30 feet and features a retractable cable for charging.
VoyagerLuggage Scale
The Precision Voyager luggage scale is a lightweight, portable travel accessory. After clipping the device onto the handle of the luggage, users can easily lift their bags to begin weighing. Once it registers, the scale will beep and display the weight on the screen, helping to avoid unexpected baggage fees.
The Aphex is fully autonomous drone that allows digital point and shoot and light DSLR cameras to take high-resolution aerial photos. Six motors provide power to the drone and lift it up to a 500g payload. It features a carbon fiber camera gimbal that stabilizes your camera so photos can be taken even in strong wind. The Aphex’s Mission Planner ground station gives users real-time flight data and allows them to control the Aphex, adjust the camera’s tilt, snap pictures and more.
Starting at $799
Check out some of the aerial photos taken from the Aphex here.
Josh Ohms CopyrightEverpurse
The Everpurse is a fashionable clutch or handbag that charges your smartphone wirelessly on-the-go. The user activates the purse’s charging feature by slipping their phone into the designated pocket and onto the dock connector at the bottom. To fully charge the purse, simply lay the purse on the inductive charging mat and it will be ready to go in a few hours. Everpurse comes in a multitude of styles and colors.
$189 – $319
Photo by Josh Ohms
Learn how the Founder created Everpurse here.

RecoilWinders MG ImageRecoil Winders
Recoil Winders are any tech guru’s solution to tangled cords. By hooking cords or headphones to a Recoil and giving it a tug, the cable winds onto a spring-loaded spindle. The Recoil Winders come in a small size for headphones, medium for lightweight charging cords for cell phones and tablets and large for all charging cords and cables.
Check out Recoil Winders in action here.
The PowerFlask allows users to charge up to three devices at a time. This black bicast leather flask look-alike features a 13,000 mAh lithium battery with a voltage of 3.7 to 4.0V. It allows connection to multiple devices using the included USB-to-Micro-USB cable, USB-to-Dual-Micro-USB and 2 30-pin iPad and iPhone connectors. The PowerFlask can be recharged using a USB power adapter.
Task One-BlackTaskOne iPhone Case
The TaskOne iPhone case contains 22 different tools while maintaining a thin appearance.  TaskOne case features a removable 2.5” knife for flying or small cutting tasks, a small flathead screwdriver, a medium Phillips screwdriver, pliers, a wire cutter, six metric Allen wrenches, a 120mm ruler, a bottler opener, a kickstand and more. The tools are secured in the case via custom spring assemblies and comes in a variety of cools, such as slate grey, cherry red, jet black and flame orange.
Watch how it works here.
Cobra-AirWave-e1371798309451Cobra AirWave
The Cobra AirWave receiver creates a wireless bridge to older stereo systems, allowing users to transmit audio via Bluetooth to their car stereo or home stereo. By connecting the receiver via headphone jack, RCA or USB cable, users can have the freedom to controlling their music from up to 30 feet away from their stereo. A full charge will last ten to twelve hours.
QuNeo by Keith McMillen Instruments is a pad controller created for electronic musicians, such as DJs and VJs. The pad has switches, pads, sliders and rotary sensors, which are all pressure, velocity and location sensitive. These allow for scrubbing, triggering, stretch, pinching and playing phrases and sound files. The QuNeo is the size of an iPad and works with USB, MIDI or OSC and is compatible with popular music software, such as Ableton Live, Serate Scratch Live, Traktor, Apple Logic Pro and more. The pad features 251 programmable multi-colored LEDs with 16 levels of brightness. It is Windows, MAC and Android compatible.
Check out the QuNeo in action here.
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.16.25 PMSony Action Cam
This mountable camera allows users to shoot shake-free video, with its SteadyShot image stabilization, in full HD 1080/60p. The camera has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi or Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow you control it via remote, and view and transfer photos and videos with your smartphone. The camera can be mounted to any adventurer’s arm, bike, helmet, chest and more to catch all of the action in its ultra-wide 170-degree angle, professional quality lens. Additionally, the Sony Action Cam is equipped with a GPS to track your speed and performance.
Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 3.28.37 PM
Wi-Fi Cufflnks
For the high-tech dapper gentleman, these cuff links are your new solution to looking stylish and staying connected. By installing the included software to your laptop and connecting the USB hidden within one of the two cufflinks, you have created your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. The additional cuff link hides a 2GB USB flash drive to store your digital files. The cuff links feature an oval rhodium-plated base with a silver finish and are compatible with Windows computers.
Alpha_PrintMIO Alpha
The MIO Alpha is a continuous heart rate monitor watch that works without a chest strap. After setting your upper limit, lower limit and target heart rate zone in “Exercise” mode, the optical sensor on the back of the watch will record the user’s heart rate. When you are in your target heart rate zone, the MIO will flash different colors: green when you are within the zone, red when you are exercising above your set limit and blue when you are exercising below your set limit. Following the workout, users can view their statistics, such as average heart rate, the amount of time they spent within their set zone and more. The MIO is compatible with several fitness apps and can be connected via Bluetooth.
The Kinekt Gear Ring is made from matte stainless steel and features micro-precision gears that turn when the outer gears are spun. It is available in sixteen standard ring sizes 5-20.
Gear up for the winter and protect your technology. SCOTTEVEST is a line of clothing equipped with hidden and secure pockets for your gadgets. The Fleece 5.0 has 24 pockets with the ability to hold an iPod, iPhone, GPS unit, water bottle, iPad, sunglasses, camera and more. The jacket is made of soft, mid-weight micro-fleece and features breathable mesh lining, removable sleeves and clear interior touch pockets for your phone. SCOTTEVEST uses their HangingPocket design to create a no-bulge look.
Two Dog ChaseGo-Go Dog Pal
Go-Go Dog Pal, as seen on ABC Good Morning America, Wired and Mashable, is a remote operated interactive dog toy that appeals to their natural instinct…to chase things. With the ability to operate up to 350 feet from the remote and with speeds up to 22 miles per hour, owners can engage and entertain their dog for hours. Go-Go Dog Pal can run on short grass, synthetic turf, packed gravel or dirt, pavement and other hard surfaces. The toy features a hard plastic shell to prevent your dog from biting the toy or tipping it over. This gadget is about exercise and having fun, but the price point is a bit shocking to the average dog owner.
Watch the demo video here.
FitBark is a wireless activity tracker for man’s best friend. The device attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks his or her activity level. Everyday, FitBark recommends a minimum daily goal for your dog, around one hour of moderately intense physical activity, based on their breed, weight, size and age. Owners have the ability to increase the minimum goal and receive activity data from the FitBark mobile app on their iPhones or Samsung Galaxy. For the dog-loving developer, they are opening up their API in order for them to create new applications on the FitBark platform.
Available for pre-order now. $69
Watch the FitBark demo here.

3517150Eyenimal Pet Video Camera
The Eyenimal Pet Video Camera by DogTek attached to your pet’s collar (from 0.39 to 1.18 inches wide) with a fastening clip and allows owners to see the world from their furry friend’s point of view. The camera features a 4GB built-in flash memory, an autofocus CMOS sensor with automatic light adjustment, built-in microphone and 640 x 480 image resolution. It has a 500mA Li-ion battery that can capture footage for up to two and a half hours and weighs no more than 1.2 ounces. Owners can then upload the footage to their laptop or desktop computer via the included USB cable.
Blanket ID Tag
The Blanket ID tag is a tracking device for your pet. After activating your unique ID number and PIN online and creating an online record of your contact details and photos of your pet, attach the tag to your pet’s collar. If an owner finds their pet missing, they can report it to From there, alerts local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, rescues and other members of the missing animal, including your profile with contact info and photos. Additionally, funds from your membership go to support sick, injured, abandoned and homeless animals. The tags come in a variety of colors and designs.
Pintofeed- SS Image-1Pintofeed
Pintofeed is an intelligent pet feeder that allows pet owners to remotely feed their pets on-the-go. With just the press of a button on your Pintofeed app, the feeder will release the preset amount of pet food into the connect bowl. The feeder features the capacity to hold up to 10 pounds of food and a food repository to retain freshness. The corresponding add not only allows you to feed your pet, but owners can choose to receive feeding alerts, set up an automated feeding schedule and monitor your pet’s food intake. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Owners can reserve their Pintofeed today.
883803042053Hear Doggy!
The Hear Doggy! toy is any pet-owner’s solution to stopping the irritable noise coming from your pet’s favorite squeaky toy. Equipped with an ultrasonic squeaker with a 24-28 KHz frequency, the Hear Doggy! toys make sounds outside of human hearing range. The toys come in two designs: stuffed or flat, without any stuffing for your pet to rip out. They are available in a variety of characters, such as deer, skunk, rabbit, whale, blowfish, starfish and martians. The Hear Doggy! toys feature a tough, durable mesh liner and reinforced, double-stitched seams to hold up against your pet’s strong teeth and claws.
$11.99 – $12.99
water_dog-640The WaterDog
The WaterDog by Grommet is an automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain. By simply attaching the WaterDog to an outdoor hose spigot, man’s best friend has unlimited access to water when he or she is playing outside. The drinking fountain uses a sensor to detect when your dog approaches and it will immediately turn on. When the dog walks away, the fountain turns itself off. The WaterDog requires a battery change once a year.
BOLT is an interactive laser toy that entertains your pet for hours on end. The laser can be put into automatic mode where it will create random patterns for your pet to engage with or into manual mode, which allows you to create the patterns. BOLT will run for 15 minutes before turning off and features an adjustable mirror to aim the laser across different surfaces. BOLT requires 4 AA batteries and can either be held or placed on a table or floor.
The Phogo is an iPhone 5 case designed for the photographer in you. Equipped with a universal tripod mount, your phone can be placed on most standard tripods. The case features a custom opening for connecting wide, macro and fisheye lenses and has the ability to clip to a lanyard, belt loop, camera bag and more. The case comes in 10 different colors and styles: purple, burgundy red, blue, brown, black, leather, steel, palladium, tweed and ostrich.
Nadia Cheema © 2011SurfEasy
The SurfEasy provides users with Internet privacy when using work computers or shared computers at the library, Internet café, hotel and more. This device plugs into the USB port of any desktop or laptop computer. Users can then launch SurfEasy’s private browser to surf the web, check email, online bank and more. Not only does your history and passwords go with you when you unplug the SurfEasy, but it hides your IP address so online activity is anonymous. The SurfEasy features the ability to store username and passwords on the USB and the option of an on-screen keyboard.
AZTB reviewed this software and liked the ability to hide ones’ IP address and it worked well. However, in our testing, we noticed the Firefox software was an older version, and while their website mentions the ability to download updates, it wasn’t easy to find the location as to where to obtain these updates. The presentation and packaging was attractive, functional, and portable. We did feel that the price point was too high. However, for the average consumer who has the need for such a product, this is a valuable product to carry if you are surfing in a public space.
FlatLifeClockFlat Life Clock
Add some unique design, with a bit of illusion, to your office with the Areaware’s Flat Life Clock. It is a funky combination of functionality and personality. Designed by Irish artist Finn Magee for his Flat Life Series, this two-dimensional poster performs as a three-dimensional product. The poster is only ¼ inch thick but features a fully functional clock with a power cord.
Drive HD Dash Cam
You’ve seen them on reality shows, now you can have your own…the Drive HD Professional Grade Dash Cam by Cobra Electronics Corporation is a camera designed to record everything the driver sees in full 1080P HD video. The camera features a 140-degree wide-angle lens, the ability to swivel to record inside your car, the option for audio recording and has infrared LEDs for filming at night. The Dash Cam takes 12 megapixel still shots and all images and videos can be viewed on a TV or Computer. Additionally, the camera’s embedded G-Sensor automatically saves clips of video when it detects a collision. The camera runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery and includes an 8GB MicroSD memory card.
For any student that has some time on their hands or want to learn a new skill, gTar provides them with a great pastime. gTar is an app-enabled smart guitar equipped with a multi-touch LED fret board that indicates where to place your fingers and smart strings that have sensors that detect notes by using a regular pick, the SmartPick or your fingers. Users dock their iPhone into the gTar’s body and using the gTar app, or numerous other compatible apps, the guitar teaches the user their favorite songs using three modes of difficulty.  All sounds made by the gTar play through your iPhone, including backup instruments and effects. The gTar tracks how well you are learning each song in real-time and also has the ability to be set to “FreePlay” played like a regular guitar.
Pre-orders only, $399  
Watch how it works and to order here.
For the engineer, the gTar is fully hackable, find out how at
Clocky & Tocky
Clocky and Tocky are the alarm clocks for those who “abuse” the snooze button in the morning. Users can set the alarm to allow either one snooze period or none. When the alarm sounds and the snooze button is pressed, Clocky and Tocky will roll off the bedside table and adventure around your bedroom floor while continuing to make sound until the sleepy head gets out of bed to retrieve it. Tocky features a microphone for users to record their own wake-up sounds and the ability to upload two hours of MP3s. Clocky and Tocky can also be disabled for conventional alarm clock use. Clocky, $45, comes in six colors: white, light blue, pink, silver, black and red. Tocky, $58, comes in seven colors: light blue, lime green, orange, white, black, red.
Watch this funny video to see how it can get your sleepy self out of bed here.
Hoodie_Front_Blue (2)
Hoodie Laptop Sleeve
Students have headed back to school this week with their new clothes, shoes and accessories, so why shouldn’t their laptops get their very own back-to-school wardrobe? Computer Apparel’s Hoodie Laptop Sleeve is made from soft cotton sweatshirt material and the back compartment features five layers of protective padding material. The hood zips creating a pocket for power cords and headphones. The Hoodie front pockets also zip for storage of your smartphone, pens and keys. The sleeve can handle mobile devices or laptops up to 15 inches.
$29.99 – $39.99
Roku 3 with remote no headphonesRoku 3
As seen on CNET, the Roku 3 is a great option for any college student’s streaming needs. The Roku 3 provides users with more than 800 channels of movies, TV shows, sports, music and games. The streaming player allows access to Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster on Demand, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Spotify, MLB.TV, Pandora, VEVO and more. The Roku 3 features 1080p HD, dual-band wireless, Ethernet and USB ports and a MicroSD slot for extra storage space and is compatible with HDTVs and digital TVs. Users can control their player with the included remote or through the free iOS or Android app.
Night Vision
Night Vision Camera
As part of NETGEAR VueZone Home Monitoring product line, this Night Vision Camera allows users to keep an eye on children, pets, property vacation homes and businesses, even in the dark. Footage can be monitored via a connected laptop, smartphone, desktop computer or tablet. The camera includes an infrared lamp that provides options for illuminating scenes in low light and darkness and can be place separate from the camera. The Night Vision Camera also has the ability to automatically detect motion up to 15 feet, record, and even and send an email alert.
Monkey Light Pro 2Monkey Light Pro
The Monkey Light Pro allows bike riders to express their creativity and individuality in a unique way. Using cutting edge technology, the Monkey Light Pro displays images and animation on spinning bicycle wheel. The shock resistant and weatherproof device features 256 LED lights and 4,096 colors that can be customized into designs uploaded via Bluetooth. Users can upload up to 1,000 photos or 90 seconds of video through Monkey Light Pro’s open source API or they can use pre-loaded designs. The device is currently only available via Kickstarter.
$495 – $695
Take a look at some of the designs you can display here .
Tinké is a small, compact fitness and wellness monitor powered by iOS devices. This device allows you to track and measure your heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate and heart rate variability. Tinké creates personalized fitness scores and levels of relaxation from the data it collects and it monitors your progress. All data can be read on the screen of your iOS device and can be shared via social media.
Check out the demo here
Board-HeroCutting Board w/ iPad Stand
This dishwasher safe cutting board comes equipped with a built-in iPad Stand. Users can prop their iPads up horizontally or vertically and use it to watch cooking videos, read recipes and more. The cutting board is NSF-certified and meets the high-level safety standards for professional kitchens. It is made with a durable wood-fiber composite, heat-resistant up to 350 degrees and features a juice groove to keep liquid away from your iPad and counter. It also features four non-slip pegs to keep the board in place during use. IPad protective covers are sold separately.
Gun Alarm ClockGun & Target Alarm Clock
Want a few extra minutes of sleep? You’ll have to work for it.  This Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock has a snooze button that requires sleepyheads to shoot the target on the clock with the laser gun. The clock features two modes of difficulty: normal, which requires users to shoot the bull’s-eye once for extra snooze time, and hard, which requires hitting the bull’s-eye five times. The AZTB review team had fun with this one and think it would be great for kids. $33.08
Klick Stylus Pen Digital and Analog UseKlick Stylus Pen
The Klick Stylus Pen is a tool for the tablet guru that needs a stylus and a pen on the go! The pen features a smooth ballpoint pen tip for taking notes, and with one click, users can retract the pen to use the stylus tip on their touchscreen devices. The Klick Stylus Pen allows for many retractable style of ink refills and comes in three colors: black, red and blue. The AZTB review team tested this one and gave it a thumbs up for convenience and ease of use.
MHISRTINTIEGRCA_128949_GLAM_01iSport Headphones
The Apple compatible iSport Headphones are designed specifically for the active athlete. These headphones have noise isolation, a patented ear clip designed for comfort and an in-line mic. The iSport headphones are washable. Reviews indicate these are best used for intense workouts.
$69.95 – $149.95
Justin-Lifestyle-Picnic-TableJustin Power Case
The Justin Power Case by Innovative Technology is a good option for students who rely heavily on their iPad for schoolwork. The case features a portable 11,600mAh rechargeable battery that can charge your iPad up to two times and your iPhone up to seven times. The Justin Power Case comes equipped with a universal USB port to allow users to also charge BlackBerrys, Samsung phones and more. The AZTB team reviewed this gadget and does charge the mobile device with ease. We liked how we could work on the iPad and charge our phone if need be. The case itself wasn’t attractive at all and the material was flimsy, we suggest a full makeover.
Every technology user has suffered the problem of fishing for charging cables behind their desk, or worse, untangling a mess of white cord. MOS aims to remedy this problem with their new cable organizer. The magnetic organizer keeps charging cables all in one place by their metal ends. Users can attach the included magnetic rubber cable ties to those cables without metal to keep them in place on the MOS. This gadget comes in three colors: white plastic, black plastic and anodized aluminum. The AZTB team tested this gadget out it worked to clean up our cords. If you have a busy desk with multiple cords, one might have to get two of these to make sense as it’s a small gadget. The magnet is good, and during our test, we think 2-3 cords max work best.
ARIESHD Transmitter
This wireless HD transmitter by Nyrius is any college student’s quick fix for taking their audio and video from their laptops and gaming systems to the big screen. The ARIES allows to streaming high-definition 1080p movies, TV shows and games without the need for cords. It features a range of 160ft and is powered by the USB port in your computer or console.
Magbuds by FluxAudio is perfect for college students who love to listen to their favorite tunes while walking or riding the light rail to class. These headphones not only deliver high-quality sound, but they feature a tangle-free, magnetic cord that allows for easy storage once you reach the lecture hall. Magbuds’ 10mm drivers provide crisp highs and deep bass and the in-line remote and microphone allows users to answer calls, change songs and adjust the volume. The AZTB team tried them out and they worked well for music play on the computer or mobile device and did like the tangle-free feature and could wrap them on our wrist if need be for transport. However, when the team used them during a phone call, we had some transmission quality issues, and wondered if the magnets would cause such problem. The company website claims no negative affects to the drives on a mobile device.
Earshots in RedEarshots™
The Earshots™ from kubxlab™ are portable speakers designed for mobile devices. Measuring only 35mm in height by 33mm in width and weighing 40 grams, the Earshots offer high-quality stereo sound in the palm of your hand. The speakers are made with aluminum and are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm jack, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. The Earshots run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries and can play for up to five hours on a full charge.
Ubooly is a stuffed animal for children, which connects with parents’ smartphones. After downloading the Ubooly app to their iPhone, iPod or Android phone, parents can then customize their child’s Ubooly with the child’s name, birthday and interests and educational games and lessons. Lessons range from basic math and counting to learning a foreign language. After inserting the device inside an Ubooly, it recognizes commands such as “Go on an adventure”, “Tell me a story”, “Play music” and “Play a game.” When the AZTB review team first saw this, it looked and felt really awkward, but for the kids it would be easy to hold, but we predict it would be dropped at some point. After we played with it, we determined that it’s important to place the phone just in the right spot or it won’t look right and it would be hard to hear. It does keep the parent’s phone padded when the child drops it.

Wallet TrackR
The Wallet TrackR is a thin device that slips inside a wallet. The device then wireless connects to a user’s iPhone or Andriod smartphone via the TrackR app. The app monitors the location of the wallet and users can set a 2-way separation alert that prevents them from leaving their wallet or phone behind. The Wallet TrackR is no thicker than 2 to 3 credit cards and can run for up to two years before users need to replace the batteries. The Wallet TrackR has a range of 100 and users can press a button on the app to sound an alarm to easily locate their wallet. The AZTB team did like the thinness of the product and another application we found would be for small clutch purses.
bearteKBeartek Gloves
Beartek Gloves are innovative gloves that allow remote access and control of the user’s devices. Connected via Bluetooth and wireless technologies, Beartek classic, snow and motorcycle gloves allow users to use their iOS smartphones and GoPro devices without physically touching them. Users can control devices with Beartek gloves by simply touching the silver pad on the thumb to the six touch points along the first three fingers, depending on the desired function. The gloves have an 80-hour battery life on a full charge. The AZTB team hopes to review these live real soon.
You need to watch the video to see how BearTek Gloves work, CLICK HERE!
1303_utilisation_du_handpresso_autoHandpresso Auto
Caffeinated on the go, the Handpresso Auto is one gadget for the commuter looking to get his or her espresso fix. This espresso maker is compatible with a standard 12-volt car socket. Users plug in their Handpresso Auto, add the required amount of water (it alerts you when its full) and slip in an ESE pod of their choice. The espresso maker takes about two minutes to heat the drink and will beep three times when it is ready. Next, the user just has to flip the Handpresso Auto upside down and press the ‘brew’ button on the side to pour the espresso into his or her cup. The device is the size of a travel mug and fits in most cup holders. Watch next week for our review on Instagram when the AZTB test it out.
To see how the Handpresso Auto works, CLICK HERE!
Altec - The Jacket (black).jpgThe Jacket
This one was a favorite for the AZTB gadget team, designed by audio innovator Altec Lansing, “The Jacket” is a customizable, wireless Bluetooth speaker. This speaker allows listeners to switch between a red or black skin to fit their décor or mood. The speaker wirelessly pairs with and remembers up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing several people to share a speaker while hanging out or during a party. The speaker has a 30-foot wireless range, delivers crystal clear sound for up to eight hours on a full charge and allows users to make and answer hands-free calls. The team jammed out with this gadget, it cranked loud for a little speaker and had good bass, thumbs up for this one.
Sculptural Stereos
Go eco, these one-of-a-kind handmade sculptural stereos by Love Hue Studios are perfect for mixing retro décor with modern technology. With the goal of repurposing old items, the designers equip old speakers, lamps, dressers, suitcases and more with electronics compatible with your iPhone or iPod. Users can choose the type of furniture, sourcing, music and lights they would like and have their unique stereo shipped to them within a couple of weeks.
Want to see how these unique stereos are made? CLICK HERE!
gadget puma
The SOUNDCHUCK by PUMA is an innovative Bluetooth wireless speaker inspired by the martial arts. This device features two circular speakers connected by a cord, designed to mimic nunchucks. The speakers have magnets to allow users to connect the two together. It has a battery life of up to six hours and charges via micro-USB cable. The SOUNDCHUCK features voice prompt activation and allows users to take and answer calls with the built-in microphone. It is available in six colors: red, orange, pink, blue, gray and black.

Triggertrap Mobile 20 Lifestyle 4Triggertrap
Calling all photography enthusiasts, the Triggertrap turns your smartphone into a remote control for your SLR camera. By hooking up the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and camera connection cable to your camera, one can use their free iOS or Android smartphone app to control a variety of camera features, such as TimeLapse, TimeWarp, DistanceLapse and more. Additionally, Triggertrap can trigger your camera via sound sensor, shock sensor and vibration sensor. This device supports the following cameras: Canon, Contax, FujiFilm, Hasselblad, Kodak, Leica, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, Sigma and Sony.
To learn more about the Triggertrip, CLICK HERE!

TGIF! This gadget is one that can help prevent people from getting behind the wheel after a few. FLOOME is a smartphone breathalyzer that works with iOS, Android or Windows smartphones. By blowing into the device, while it is connected to the smartphone’s audio jack, the user’s BAC is measured and sent to the compatible app. The user can then view their blood alcohol content, get an estimate of when they will reach the legal limit to drive, set an alarm to take a new test, view a graph of previous results, or just call for a ride home. FLOOME features technology that uses the same fuel cell ethanol sensor that is widely used in law enforcement breathalyzers. FLOOME is available for reservation today.
*don’t drink and drive
Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 4.06.18 PM
The Upwrite is a stylus and kickstand hybrid designed for the iPhone 5 and 5s. Equipped with the ability to attach to any set of keys, the Upwrite provides users with the option to prop their smart phone upright for viewing on the go. Then, as the need arises, users can flip the Upwrite and they have a stylus at their fingertips for pinpoint precision while using the touch screen. The AZTB gadget review team put this to the test and found that though it did hold up the smartphone the stylus was a bit awkward in size to work with for a phone, but better for a tablet.
mik allmīk Sound Case
The mīk Sound Case is a sound amplifying case designed for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. The case uses mīk’s patent-pending sound channel to amplify sound up to 15 to 20 decibels louder. Additionally, the case improves the tone and clarity of the sound and features impact resistant rubber to protect the user’s phone. The case comes in five colors: black, purple, pink, blue and yellow.
BedroomClockee Talkee 
The Clockee Talkee is a walkie-talkie, alarm clock and thermometer all in one. Featuring a modern, sleek wood grain design, this stylish device allows for easy communication around the house or office. The Clockee Talkee has eight channels to allow users to have private conversations and a broadcast setting for sending messages to all Clockee Talkee’s in the home or office. It has a range of a little over one mile and is powered by 3 AAA batteries or the included power adapter. The Clockee Talkee is running their Indiegogo campaign through December 2. Contributors will receive two Clockee Talkees.
My BuddyTag
The My BuddyTag provides peace of mind for parents who bring their children to public places, such as grocery stores, amusement parks and more. This device allows parents to track their child via Bluetooth using the compatible app for both Androids and iPhones. Kids can put on their My BuddyTag wristband and enjoy a little freedom while parents feel a sense of security. My BuddyTag will alert you if your child leaves the preset perimeter and features a panic button on the wristband for your child to press if they feel unsafe. The included app also has the ability to send an email with the child’s GPS location. The My BuddyTag wristbands come in four styles and a variety of colors.  Preorder is available now for shipping in December.
Watch the demo of My BuddyTag and CLICK HERE
smart_onEar2muzik On-Ear Headphones
The muzik On-Ear Headphones are a new addition to the world of wearable technology. These headphones provide music enthusiasts with crystal clear sound, noise isolation and comfort. The headphones feature touch gesture control on the outside of the earcup to allow the user to play and pause music, share their music via Facebook, Twitter or compatible muzik app, activate Siri or voice control, flip through songs and control the volume. The earphones are run by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be charged with the included micro-USB cable. The headphones also have a smart cable with a microphone.
What set of headphones do you use? Tell us below or on our FB page!
Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 5.50.21 PMKindle Paperwhite
Read in the pool or the tub, the Kindle Paperwhite is now waterproof down to 210 feet. Users no longer have to worry about spilling on their Kindle and the waterproof edition allows for easy cleaning. The Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite features an adjustable front-lit display, 8-week battery life and huge library of books to choose from.
$189 – $209
gadgetFabricSkincropFabricSkin Keyboard Foiio
The FabricSkin Keyboard Folio is a folio-style iPad case meant to protect both the touch screen and the back panel. The case features a keyboard for those who are looking for an easier typing experience. Magnets hold the iPad in two positions: upright with the included keyboard exposed or laying flat with the keyboard hidden. Additionally, the magnets interact with your iPad to wake it when the case is opened up and put it to sleep when it is closed to preserve battery life. The keyboard features a battery life of up to three months on a full charge and the case comes in orange, black, blue and yellow.
The DoorBot is the modern doorbell designed for mobile devices. This WiFi enabled, video doorbell allows users to stream live video of their home’s doorstep to their smartphone or tablet. After a quick installation, homeowners can access their video through the free DoorBot app compatible with Andriod and iOS devices. Additionally, users can also speak to guests at their door via a built-in microphone and speaker. The DoorBot features built-in night vision and is operated by the internal battery or existing doorbell wiring. Preorder available now.
Watch the DEMO of the DoorBot, CLICK HERE
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.53.21 PMThe Dreamer
How many times have you been woken up by a wrong number? The Dreamer by Hale is an app-powered alarm dock designed for Android phones that can manage those middle of the night calls by filtering out the important calls from the wrong ones. The dock has an automatic call-screening feature called SmartSilence that allows users to selectively choose which calls will come through on your phone while sleeping. Users can choose contacts that will always come through, others could receive an auto-text when they call and some could be blocked entirely.
Additionally, the Dreamer also functions as a charging and speaker dock. Hale is currently running a Kickstarter for the Dreamer through mid-October.
To learn more about the Dreamer, CLICK HERE.
PhoneSoap 2PhoneSoap Charger
According to a study by Chuck Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, “Cellphones are 10 times as dirty as a toilet seat.” So now that you are grossed out and want to clean your phone, what do you use?
One option is the PhoneSoap Charger, a safe, effective way to clean and sanitize your phone without soap or water. The dual sanitizer and charger is equipped with two UV-C lamps that produce a wavelength of light that passes through the cell walls of bacteria and virus to compromise their DNA. The PhoneSoap Charger only take four minutes to complete sanitation and designed to fit any phone and features a standard USB port for your phone’s charging cable. Get to cleaning!
To see how the PhoneSoap Charger works, CLICK HERE
BioLite gadgetBioLite CampStove
The BioLite CampStove allows campers to feed themselves while staying green and keeping connected. Campers can cook their meals by placing renewable biomass, such as the twigs and pinecones that can be collected near the campsite, into the BioLite stove to create a fire. Additionally, the 8.25-inch by 5-inch stove converts the heat from the fire into usable electricity and features a USB cord for charging your devices.
How the BioLite works watch the demo here. 
Key holder side_by_side gadgetKeyProp
KeyProp is a smartphone stand that can be used for video chat, self-timer photography, video viewing, hands free reading and more. The KeyProp plugs into the headphone jack and tilts the phone up. The stand is made of polycarbonate and rubberized TPE creating a grippy exterior. The KeyProp comes in six colors: lime green, red, blue, light blue, grey and black.

Sticky iPad Gadget
The Crossover by Quirky is a two-piece iPad mini case made up of silicone straps. When placed onto the iPad, the straps intersect in the middle, creating a storage space for notes, ID cards, pens and more. Additionally, the case protects the back and all four corners by reinforcing the key areas of impact. Also available for the iPhone 5/5s.