Startup Ensure Billing aimed to help family members with autism

After her nephew was diagnosed with autism and had to deal with all of the paperwork and billing needed for services for him through her H.O.P.E. Group foundation, founder Ann Monahan discovered a need in the market for a practice management system designed for special needs services and put her 30 years of experience with autism and behavior health to work to launch Ensure Billing.
Ensure Billing (EBI) is a web-based platform that provides comprehensive practice management solutions as well as support for electronic medical billing and patient scheduling designed for special needs services. Ensure Billing is also part of the Phoenix Flight Program at Desarrollo, striving to make connections and build the brand name. I spoke with Monahan about this unique billing service.
This is such a needed service, how did this come about?
My sister’s son was diagnosed with autism 17 years ago which inspired the foundation of H.O.P.E. Group that serves individuals with developmental disabilities, specifically autism. My sister had a practice management program specifically designed to meet the practice management needs of H.O.P.E. Group, including the ability to bill multiple payers; state, insurance, private, etc. As CEO of H.O.P.E. Group, I had been asked many times to help others with practice management and billing issues. It made sense for us to take the foundation of our platform and make it web-based, and help implement a fully functional practice management system for others.
What would you say is the primary benefit of EBI billing?
Our EBI system currently focuses on the behavioral health/developmental disabilities (ASD/Autism Spectrum Disorder) companies, but has the functionality for all specialties. Currently our clients are other organizations similar to H.O.P.E. Group who offer services for the developmentally disabled, more specifically Autism, and need a system that allows them to bill for insurance services, state services, private contracts etc. as well as meet the other needs of their company (payroll, client/employee accounts, reporting, EMR etc.). EBI handles all of those needs on one platform; like we say, simplicity is key!
Will the platform remain focused on autism or is it applicable to other disabilities?
Because of what’s happening nationally with autism and developmental disabilities, (34 states have Autism/Insurance Mandates, five of those have added benefits into their essential benefits plans etc.) we decided that we needed to initially reach out to our behavioral health community, then widen our client base; the system has no limitations.
What has the response been like?
We have had such an excellent response. We currently have customers and clients in multiple states; Arizona, California, Michigan, Washington State, New York, Florida and Connecticut. We are actively on-boarding clients and growing at an amazing rate.
Are there any particular competitors out there?
There are competitors. Many are specific to regions or states, but with the technology we have and the knowledge we possess, we have proven, and continue to be quite optimistic, that we’re able to fill a wide range of needs.
Have you been raising money? 
EBI has been internally funded.
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