LG G2 -Tech Review

The AZTB gadget review team is back at it with smartphones, and this time we bring you the LG G2. We know that the tech world is buzzing with new gadgets and gizmos and we’re here to give you some good and not so good features of the LG G2 to help simplify it for you. Our team consisted of a software engineer and tech savvy consumer. Here’s the rundown…
The Good:
*Solid and durable
*SMS Messaging app allows you to quick reply instead of opening app
*Guest Mode allows you to control which apps user has access to. One reviewer mentioned how it’s great for his younger daughter who likes to play with phone.
*Allows you to double tap the screen to unlock phone instead of pressing power button
*Ability to change and customize buttons on screen
*Battery is awesome, “lasted about a day and a half with heavy usage”, one reviewer noted
The Not so Good:
*Camera has slight delay
*Front camera quality is poor
*Built in calendar app is not very organized and hard to see
*Gmail and Mail apps combined at setup creating new unwanted folders
*Notification screen is crowded, hard to use and phone won’t allow you to get rid of it
*On/off button as well as lock button is located on back of phone, which feels awkward and it’s hard to get used to
Overall, phone operated “okay” or as one reviewer put it: “It was just meh” and screen is very clear. Moto X still remains a staff Android favorite! Read about our review of the Moto X and other phones at AZTB.
What do you think of the LG G2? Share your experience with us below.
Cellphone was provided by AT&T & LG for an independent review.
Pricing: The LG G2 is available at AT&T for $149.99 with a 2-year contract, plus activation fees.
Check with your cellphone carrier for pricing and contracts for a preferred phone. AZTB is not endorsing a particular brand or carrier. This was an independent review for our readers.