Gadgets for the Guru

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The BioLite CampStove allows campers to feed themselves while staying green and keeping connected. Campers can cook their meals by placing renewable biomass, such as the twigs and pinecones that can be collected near the campsite, into the BioLite stove to create a fire. Additionally, the 8.25-inch by 5-inch stove converts the heat from the fire into usable electricity and features a USB cord for charging your devices. $129.95 How the BioLite works watch the demo here. 
KeyProp is a smartphone stand that can be used for video chat, self-timer photography, video viewing, hands free reading and more. The KeyProp plugs into the headphone jack and tilts the phone up. The stand is made of polycarbonate and rubberized TPE creating a grippy exterior. The KeyProp comes in six colors: lime green, red, blue, light blue, grey and black. $12.95 
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The Crossover by Quirky is a two-piece iPad mini case made up of silicone straps. When placed onto the iPad, the straps intersect in the middle, creating a storage space for notes, ID cards, pens and more. Additionally, the case protects the back and all four corners by reinforcing the key areas of impact. Also available for the iPhone 5/5s. $45
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The Laptop Butler is designed for those who work on-the-go. This lightweight device clamps on the side of the base of your laptop or other flat surface and the attached mesh bag holds your drink while you work. $29