Jo Overline and Ryan Allen – "Embracing Disruptive Mobile Technology" for your business – video

Jo Overline and Ryan Allen, founders of Dapper Gentlemen a mobile application development company, had a healthy dose of humor and advice as they presented “embracing disruptive mobile technology” for your business at AZTB’s Free Lunch Friday.
The talk began with a brief history lesson about how our society’s communication channels have morphed from the homing pigeon to today’s iPhone. This timeline helped the audience pause and realize that mobile technology, and the Internet for that matter, is really quite a young development-but the advancements within a few years are astronomical…and it’s not stopping.
Overline and Allen transitioned this lesson into the importance of having the right software behind your business and tools to help run your business. Companies are losing money everyday because they won’t, or can’t, embrace technology and connect with their customer, Overline stated. Through the right software, a business can actually improve their perception and feel that “they are more relevant,” he continued.
For companies interested in developing a mobile application, Overline and Allen gave owners some food for thought before jumping into developing an app:
*The app should integrate with social networks
*Each app needs to have a purpose, not just be a gimmick
*The app needs to make the company’s or the customer’s life easier
*The app needs to have a focus or iterate on something already in place
*You need to have a clear budget in mind – you’d be surprised what it costs to get all the bells and whistles
Mobile technology is here to stay and the Dapper Gentlemen shared their predictions for the next app wave, “Everything is switching to enterprise and utilities…predicitive analytics are the future… and apps will more integrate with data,” they stated.
Learn more about Dapper Gentlemen here.
Watch the Dapper Gentlemen video here. 
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