Gadgets for the Guru – Pet Edition Week II

In Week II of Gadgets for the Guru – Pet Edition, the AZ Tech Beat team found some new ways for you to interact with and keep track of your pets. Take a look!
Go-Go Dog Pal, as seen on ABC Good Morning America, Wired and Mashable, is a remote operated interactive dog toy that appeals to their natural instinct…to chase things. With the ability to operate up to 350 feet from the remote and with speeds up to 22 miles per hour, owners can engage and entertain their dog for hours. Go-Go Dog Pal can run on short grass, synthetic turf, packed gravel or dirt, pavement and other hard surfaces. The toy features a hard plastic shell to prevent your dog from biting the toy or tipping it over. This gadget is about exercise and having fun, but the price point is a bit shocking to the average dog owner. $229.99 Watch the demo video here.
FitBark is a wireless activity tracker for man’s best friend. The device attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks his or her activity level. Everyday, FitBark recommends a minimum daily goal for your dog, around one hour of moderately intense physical activity, based on their breed, weight, size and age. Owners have the ability to increase the minimum goal and receive activity data from the FitBark mobile app on their iPhones or Samsung Galaxy. For the dog-loving developer, they are opening up their API in order for them to create new applications on the FitBark platform. Available for pre-order now. $69 Watch the FitBark demo here

The Eyenimal Pet Video Camera by DogTek attached to your pet’s collar (from 0.39 to 1.18 inches wide) with a fastening clip and allows owners to see the world from their furry friend’s point of view. The camera features a 4GB built-in flash memory, an autofocus CMOS sensor with automatic light adjustment, built-in microphone and 640 x 480 image resolution. It has a 500mA Li-ion battery that can capture footage for up to two and a half hours and weighs no more than 1.2 ounces. Owners can then upload the footage to their laptop or desktop computer via the included USB cable. $79.88
The Blanket ID tag is a tracking device for your pet. After activating your unique ID number and PIN online and creating an online record of your contact details and photos of your pet, attach the tag to your pet’s collar. If an owner finds their pet missing, they can report it to From there, alerts local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, rescues and other members of the missing animal, including your profile with contact info and photos. Additionally, funds from your membership go to support sick, injured, abandoned and homeless animals. The tags come in a variety of colors and designs. $24.99