“Innovate when, where, and how others cannot” – Justin Tacy speaks at Phoenix Mobile Festival

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Justin Tacy, Director of Products & Solutions for T-Mobile Business Marketing recently spoke at the 2013 Phoenix Mobile Festival. The festival was put on by the Phoenix Mobile Technology group (PHX Mobile Meetup) and designed the all-day festival for mobile enthusiasts, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. The theme of the event was how to stay ahead of your competition and provided resources and education on how to do just that.
The festival showcased new products, apps, sdk and tools and offered talks from experts and entrepreneurs, such as Jiva DeVoe, Donn Felker and Mike Hines, about Apple and Android comparisons, features, and software, carrier companies such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, as well as software and mobile app development.
PHXMOB13breakoutcropOne Android Studio lecture in particular featured technical advice on writing mobile software and applications. The lecture compared the outdated Eclipse program – which the speaker said “was like living in a bad movie” – to IntelliJ and Android Studio. The lecture also offered an extended demo of Android Studio to show its upgraded features for new and existing projects.

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Justin Tacy

The feature presenter, Justin Tacy, touched on a much broader significance of mobile technology in today’s world. He explained that businesses are going to have to keep up with the latest technology or risk becoming obsolete. He compared different types of businesses and their types of margins and overhead to show how they run their businesses. CompUSA was used as an example of a business that had high margins and high overhead that could not keep up with the latest technology and their business suffered greatly.
T-Mobile was used as an example of a company attempting to keep up with and ahead of their competition with not only their technology, but also their business strategy. They are trying to be transparent and flexible in order to give their customers better products and services at a reasonable price. They will focus on their current products and services instead of trying to develop all the new products on the market.
Tacy offered this key piece of advice for entrepreneurs and engineers,“Innovate when, where, and how others cannot.”
If you are interested in mobile technology or finding like-minded engineers, then learn more about the Phoenix Mobile Technology group here.
More educational resources from the festival are coming soon.
Top photo organizers and speaker: Pranil, Anjali, Justin Tacy, Kiran