Scheduling software new feature saves companies time and money

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Rescheduling calendar appointments can be time-consuming, especially for large companies. According to Appointment-Plus, this hassle can cost your business up to 20 hours a week in staff time.
The Scottsdale-based scheduling software company announced today a solution that simplifies scheduling. Appointment-Plus launched an enhanced Drag & Drop functionality that allows users to grab scheduled meetings with their cursor and shift it directly to an available time slot. The new scheduling is instantly confirmed.
Drag & Drop was created to provide improved productivity and allow their clients to run their organizations more profitably.
“Giving businesses and organizations the tools to operate more efficiently and successfully is our goal at Appointment-Plus,” says Stephen Booze, the company’s CIO. “Drag & Drop makes the booking process even easier for our clients and their staff, and we’re excited to add this dynamic functionality to our leading scheduling software system.”
The initial feedback has been positive, according to the company. Appointment-Plus’ larger clients including universities and auto dealerships have a high volume of appointments, and a simplified scheduler streamlines their process and saves both time and money.
Appointment-Plus helps over 16 million users operate efficiently and effectively, and was recently named one of CareerBuilder’s Top Companies to Work for in Arizona. The company specializes in appointment scheduling for customers, staff and resources.