Cheers! BarVision Teams up With SceneTap

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TGIF! A full pour, an over-pour or an extra shot, are some things people might hope for from the bartender after a long week at work. However, that won’t happen as long as BarVision’s technology is in charge.
BarVision is a pouring and liquor management system designed to help bars or restaurants manage their “pour profits.” Using liquor and beer pour data, BarVision tracks in real-time pour patterns, what was poured, how much, and when.
Recently, BarVision partnered with SceneTap, a mobile app designed to indicate how many people are at a particular bar/restaurant, the male to female ratio, and the average age of everyone inside. Together, they plan to revolutionize the hospitality industry.
Aaron Post, Co-Founder of BarVision, states, “This is a situation where 1+1=3. By ourselves, we provide value and so does SceneTap. Combined, we provide key insights that 10 years ago were impossible to think about.”
In a Q&A with Co-Founder of BarVision, Aaron Post, he explained the services that these two companies currently provide and how they hope to shift the hospitality industry.
What is BarVision and what is liquor pour data?
Barvision is a bar performance tool. We provide insights into operations and help our customers understand their sales numbers so they can better market themselves to drive more sales.
Liquor and beer pour data is the information we receive from our patented technology that tracks what was poured, how much of it and when. This data, along with a bar’s point of sale (POS) system, can really help owners and managers understand the key performance indicators of their establishments. Having this information helps them become more efficient, and because we analyze the data, it gives them the time to act upon it. No more looking at excel sheets or looking for issues—this is about providing those insights in real-time so they can effect change quickly.
What problem are you trying to solve?
Our goal is to simplify the day-to-day, providing the key performance numbers and helping bars stay on top of things without disrupting their operations. We have seen the increase of revenue at a bar by as much as 10 percent while giving you back more time with staff and customers.
Tell me about your partnership with SceneTap. What do you hope to accomplish with this partnership?
We reached out to them last year wanting to see if there was interest in changing the way this industry markets themselves. Imagine having Google analytics, only now it applies to the bar / restaurant space. From the pour, to the POS, to the people, we now can help bars take advantage of all the various marketing platforms because they will have a true understanding of their demographics and it’s all provided to them in real-time.
Why not partner with other competing companies?
We have lots of partnerships. SceneTap is focused on the bar market like we are, so we are able to easily cross promote and utilize our combined resources for sales opportunities. Other companies in that space don’t have the user base or the focus they have. They are committed to providing bars a great marketing resource like we are.
What does your partnership mean for the hospitality industry?
It will certainly change expectations for the industry. For larger companies, chains and multi-unit operations, we believe this will become as standard as the POS has become. With all of the challenges in this industry, we can do all of this without changing the way they operate.
Why did you choose to locate in Arizona and Phoenix specifically?
There is a growing sense of community, especially in the technology space. We thought it would be great to be part of the changes taking place in Phoenix. While the resources to get going are not all here in Phoenix yet, we believe this is an opportune time to be a part of a community going through so much and, if we are lucky, we can help others along the way.
What are your plans for BarVision and SceneTap?
Our plans at the moment are simple—focus. While it sounds easy, there are numerous opportunities every day to get distracted or take the business in a direction that sounds good on paper but not in practice. [We want to] focus on helping our clients become more successful.  As for our partner SceneTap, we look forward to working with them to connect more bars to the various mobile marketing platforms that are out there.  Our goal for the two companies is to build a solid portal for bars to help drive more business while keeping operations running more efficiently.
To learn more about BarVision click here.
To learn more about SceneTap and download the app click here.
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*Remember if you do drink, drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive.