Aspect Software Acquires Orlando-based Voxeo Corp. for $150 million

A Money Technology Business Background
Aspect Software will acquire Orlando-based Voxeo Corp. for $150 million, in order to expand its high-tech operation.
Aspect Software is the leader in call-center software and a global provider of customer contact, workforce optimization, back-office optimization and Microsoft platform solutions.
More specifically, it is a $450 million global IT and services firm focused on providing applications and software solutions to improve collections, telemarketing and call center practices for large corporations. They’ve established over 1000 patents, positioned themselves as the number one provider in call center and workforce management solutions and integration of call center software, and a leader in automatic call distribution software. Their technology is used by some of the Fortune 100 and 50 Global Fortune companies.
Aspect was awarded the Microsoft 2012 Enterprise National System Integrators partner of the year, and recently relocated their headquarters to the Camelback Corridor to reap the benefits of Arizona’s tech ecosystem.
Voxeo corp is a leading provider of hosted and on-premise Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions and a leading platform provider for Communications Enabled Business Processes. As the only provider who offers hosted, private and hybrid cloud offerings, Voxeo will bring market-leading capabilities on a global scale to Aspect’s portfolio and will provide data center infrastructure and network operation center (NOC) capabilities that will help expand regional delivery of Aspect’s cloud solutions and SaaS hosting capabilities. Voxeo will also bring a highly skilled executive team and employee base that will offer Aspect’s customers and prospects high-value technical competencies and unique market understanding, as well as add $50 million to Aspect’s top line.
I talked with President of Aspect Chris Koziol about the acquisition, what it means to the company and about Arizona’s tech ecosystem.
Why Voxeo? What does it mean for Aspect?
First in foremost, it changes the whole competitive landscape and propels us into a new competitive positioning.
Voxeo has been in business for 14 years and the leader in the IVR space-if you’ve ever contacted a service provider and talked to a computer, chances are you’ve interacted with Voxeo’s software.
It’s a very strategic move for Aspect. Voxeo has the platform for developing self-service applications-we need to be able to have those interactions and enable companies to have those interactions. They have over six data centers around the globe and are one of the most experienced in cloud-based capabilities (private and hybrid). We want to leverage those capabilities, and the know-how, and accelerate how we go to market. [In addition, we will have the] ability to use cloud technology for certain functionalities and give us the flexibility we need.
Tell me why Aspect recently relocated their headquarters to Phoenix.
Phoenix has a great contact call center infrastructure and it’s where our customer is based. We like the labor pool, level of education and technical expertise in Phoenix. It’s an untapped market…we have a strong labor force of technical and competent people. Also, the cost of living is low, and it’s a good market for our customers…it’s easy to fly in and out, it’s a desirable location, and we’ve even built in a customer interaction center here…lots of positives.
You aren’t a stranger to the Arizona tech scene, tell us what you did before Aspect.
I was brought on as President of Aspect in 2012.  Prior to that I was COO of JDA software and President and CEO of MicroAge.
What does this acquisition mean for the AZ tech ecosystem?
Strength and positive things for Arizona…the stronger the companies we have in Arizona the more we can add to the community.
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