Co-Founder Matching Service Launches in Phoenix

CoFoundersLab logo (for partners)
CoFoundersLab, an entrepreneur matching service that helps founders find co-founders, will be launching in Phoenix on July 16th. Through online matching or in-person meetups, CoFoundersLab help connect you with a partner for your business. The success of CoFoundersLab relies on the idea that teams are almost always more effective in the business world.
Their philosophy, “strong team = strong foundation = better chance of success,” has proven true in multiple cases. This mind-set is backed by their team-building platform, which ensures that co-founders have complimentary skills, compatible personalities, goals and values, and a bond to build a long-lasting company together. Members can create a free profile online to either find a co-founder or to find a venture and get involved.
Meetups in particular are “laser-focused to help you find a co-founder.” The Meetups compliment an online search for a co-founder by introducing face-to-face networking to the mix of attributes.
Want to find a co-founder? CoFoundersLab suggests using their online search tools to “pre-network” with possible future partners and then use the Meetups as a way to encourage deeper conversations and person-to-person interactions.

Left to right: Phoenix Ambassador, Chris Ronzio; CEO & Co-Founder, Shahab Kaviani

CEO Shahab Kaviani said, “We’re thrilled to bring CoFoundersLab to Phoenix, which has really proven to be fertile grounds for innovation. During my trip for the Startup America national summit hosted by Startup Arizona, I was really impressed by how enthusiastic the community of entrepreneurs, founders, and institutions were and quickly realized we had to be part of the community right away. I met really busy founders that were volunteering their time to bolster Startup Arizona, especially the great folks at SeedSpot, and ASU; all of which are huge assets to foster entrepreneurship in AZ and we’re honored to be a part of it.”
Come to their launch!
CoFoundersLab Phoenix Meetup
July 16th at 6:30 p.m.
Located: SeedSpot 2828 N.Central Ave., 7th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Register here.
Learn more about CoFoundersLab here. Watch their short video here.
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Photos provided by CoFoundersLab. Photo left to right: Phoenix Ambassador, Chris Ronzio; CEO & Co-Founder, Shahab Kaviani