CareerBuilder 2013 List – Best Places to Work in AZ

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CareerBuilder recently released their 2013 list of the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona. Businesses are separated and listed by their number of employees, stretching from the 25-50 employees category to 1000 or more. As well, there are two extra categories, one for diversity initiatives and one for women’s initiatives. On top of their basic list, CareerBuilder also chooses one company from every category to receive a spotlight award. The five spotlight awards went to:
U.S. Employees 25-99                  Axosoft
U.S. Employees 100 to 999          Homeowners Financial Group
U.S. Employees 1,000 or more    Fry’s Food Stores
Diversity Initiatives                       Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Women’s Initiatives                      KPMG
Tech companies on the list:
GO Daddy
Digital Marketing companies on the list:
The Lavidge Company
Zion & Zion
We spoke with a few CEO’s to hear about their success.
“We’re honored to be recognized as a fantastic place to work and advance one’s career. Our company truly values it employees and fosters an environment that encourages learning and success. This recognition is a true reflection of our commitment to our team members and our workplace culture.” -Bob La Loggia, CEO, Appointment-Plus.
“It definitely feels great getting such an honor for Axosoft. My approach to building Axosoft has been to build the type of company and environment that I would personally want to work in: surrounded by super smart people in a fun and collaborative environment without hierarchy or politics. It’s wonderful to see those things are also widely valued by others!” -Hamid Shojaee, CEO, Axosoft
“A marketing agency’s biggest asset is its staff. So in order to create a great work environment and experience for our employees, we first needed to set a vision and mission that they all could get behind.  Everyone made it their own, which in turn created our fun, creative culture.  As a company, we’re honored to receive this award and I am personally honored to work with such a talented, positive group of staff every day.” -Jeff Pruitt, CEO, ethology
“At Zion & Zion, we recognize the fundamental truth that “our people are our strength.” Once you embrace that, everything else falls into place. By that I mean that we treat our people as well as we treat our clients. In fact, the new 14,000 square foot Zion & Zion building that we’ll be moving into later this year is designed with employee well-being in mind. From the new Zion & Zion building’s hybrid work-play area, known as The Intersect, which features a pool table, shuffle board table, and Xbox Kinect; to our new Café  which features a collaborative environment and surround sound system theatre system modeled after inspiring spaces such as an Apple Store; the new building is as much about employees as it is about clients.” -Aric Zion, Partner and CEO, Zion & Zion