Gadgets for the Guru

Task One-Black-gadget
The TaskOne iPhone case contains 22 different tools while maintaining a thin appearance.  TaskOne case features a removable 2.5” knife for flying or small cutting tasks, a small flathead screwdriver, a medium Phillips screwdriver, pliers, a wire cutter, six metric Allen wrenches, a 120mm ruler, a bottler opener, a kickstand and more. The tools are secured in the case via custom spring assemblies and comes in a variety of cools, such as slate grey, cherry red, jet black and flame orange. $99.95
Watch how it works here.
Cobra AirWaveThe Cobra AirWave receiver creates a wireless bridge to older stereo systems, allowing users to transmit audio via Bluetooth to their car stereo or home stereo. By connecting the receiver via headphone jack, RCA or USB cable, users can have the freedom to controlling their music from up to 30 feet away from their stereo. A full charge will last ten to twelve hours. $39.95
QuNeo-render_300dpiQuNeo by Keith McMillen Instruments is a pad controller created for electronic musicians, such as DJs and VJs. The pad has switches, pads, sliders and rotary sensors, which are all pressure, velocity and location sensitive. These allow for scrubbing, triggering, stretch, pinching and playing phrases and sound files. The QuNeo is the size of an iPad and works with USB, MIDI or OSC and is compatible with popular music software, such as Ableton Live, Serate Scratch Live, Traktor, Apple Logic Pro and more. The pad features 251 programmable multi-colored LEDs with 16 levels of brightness. It is Windows, MAC and Android compatible. $199
Check out the QuNeo in action here.
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