Arizona Mining Software Company Wins Presidential E-Award

Mintec, a mining management software company based in Tucson recently received the President’s E-Award for Exports, the highest honor a U.S.-based company can receive for expanding exports. MineSight, their flagship product is a comprehensive modeling and mine planning software platform, was one of 57 winners in 22 states and the only one based in Arizona. The software offers “integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and production.” Whether short or long-term projects, MineSight follows the life of a mine to ensure safety, stability, and assurance.
With eight locations across the world, Mintec has grown immensely during the mining boom over the last few years. Even with the satellite offices, Chairman and founder Fred Banfield said, “Arizona will always be home for me and for Mintec. Our links to the University of Arizona are well established. Both are based in Tucson and both are leaders in their fields: Mintec with its comprehensive mine modeling and mine planning software MineSight; and U of A, whose Department of Mining and Geological Engineering consistently produces the future leaders of America’s mining industry.”
Mintec serves major companies and projects across the country and world including the Black Butte Copper Project in Montana and Teck coal in British Columbia. Their software is unique in both approach and execution. Clients have the option to choose one of 11 offered packages, or to customize their own package. Packages include exploration, geology, survey, long or short-term planning, and more.
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Along with their lead in the mining world, Mintec is a strong supporter of education. “The University of Arizona is able to use world-class mine planning software and students receive annual MineSight training by Mintec personnel. U of A students employed by Mintec quickly become valuable assets. Students trained in MineSight may apply that knowledge at any mine around the world,” Banfield said. “In this way we’re exporting knowledge, not just software. For Mintec, that’s a worthy investment.”
With the recognition of a presidential award under their belt, Mintec has a bright future. President John Davies said, “The Presidential E-Award is particularly gratifying because of Mintec’s plans to be the global supplier for this software. Mintec is positioning itself for significant growth over the next two to three years. We have a target four years from now to be the major player in this business.”
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