GeniusMenu Launches – An Interactive Dining Menu With a Social Media Twist

Venkat Nallapati, President & CEO of AdeptPros, is launching his next brainchild GeniusMenu, a mobile application designed for restaurants as an interactive menu that integrates social media, marketing, coupons, POS and payment systems into the dining experience, tonight at the Greekfest restaurant in Phoenix.
“Restaurant owners have so many systems—by looking at all these problems I came up with the idea where you can…do everything on the iPad; one simple app at your fingertips that’s interactive,” Nallapati said.
Using Cloud technology, restaurant owners can set up and change the menu at their convenience through their mobile device or laptop. The app is available on almost all mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and Android phones.
GeniusMenu allows for owners to choose their template that fits their business type such as coffee bar, fine dining, fast food or sports bar. In addition, the owner can select from three different food displays, one using words, one using pictures, and one using video. It also provides the owner the opportunity to provide the ingredients, calories and food sensitivities found in a dish. The template can also hold six pictures of each dish plus a video. GeniusMenu can push real-time coupon opportunities while customers are ordering.
From a social marketing standpoint, GeniusMenu has creatively integrated social media to promote restaurants through word-of-mouth. Customers can log into their Facebook and Twitter through the application and post pictures and videos provided directly from the mobile device. As soon as the customer is finished, GeniusMenu will log out and automatically delete the social media login history information to protect privacy.
GMcropped1 menu
The benefits of an in-store application like this are endless. “There are more customers in the door because the more word-of-mouth publicity is good. You can upsell using the app. There are analytics for the restaurant—it shows what is fast moving and slow moving and allows changes to the menu easily based on that information. There is also a feedback mechanism and all systems are integrated there. Finally, payments are very fast and an electronic receipt is sent.” Nallapati said.
Nallapati also released information to AZTB about the promotional price of GeniusMenu: the first 50 restaurants that sign up will receive the promo prices, $10 for the app, $35 for the app and a 7” tablet, or $50 for the app and a 10” tablet.
For more information on GeniusMenu, click here.
Photos courtesy of Adeptpros