22 AZ Startup Companies to Pitch at Arizona Center for Innovation Event

The fourth annual PitchDay at the Arizona Center for Innovation (AzCI) takes place Thursday, May 9th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
PitchDay at AzCI will showcase new innovation and an opportunity to network and support entrepreneurial growth in the community and across the state. 
Statewide partners are invited to join in pitching to an audience of potential partners and investors. Twenty-two ventures from nine organizations across the state will pitch, giving business entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach a larger audience.
The goal is to help raise awareness on the state level, and provide a chance for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and share their best practices outside of their local communities.
“These events help new ventures propel forward as they continue to grow and become sustainable ventures that generate wealth, create new jobs, and attract larger companies to the region,” Joann MacMaster, Director of the Arizona Center for Innovation said.
PitchDay is one component of the Mentored Launch Program, and it serves as a key accomplishment for those companies in the program. The foundation of the Mentored Launch Program typically runs up to 12 months and includes customized programs, training, mentoring, and an immediate network of mentors and experts.
AzCI is a component of Tech Launch Arizona that serves as a business incubator and innovation center that promotes and accelerates technology commercialization, helping entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful companies.
Registration for the event is free. To sign up, please visit  http://www.azinnovation.com/


Arizona Center for Innovation, UA Tech Park

9040 S. Rita Road, Suite 1270, Tucson, AZ 85747

(520) 382-3260 www.azinnovation.com