Traklight Places Second in Grow America's Women-Led Business Competition

Traklight has placed second in Grow America’s Women-Led business competition. The competition included a two-minute video pitch and social media outreach to narrow down to the top 50 businesses. The winners received a cash prize and a one-hour mentoring session.
Sage North America partnered with Grow America for the competition. Vice President and General Manager of Sage, Henry Benamram states, “The winners represent some of the top entrepreneurial talent in North America, and we’re proud to have participated in recognizing and rewarding their success.”
The Traklight’s motto is “entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.” Their mission is to provide online services and tools that help entrepreneurs, inventors, and small businesses understand, identify, and protect their Intellectual Property (IP). They offer an alternative to the traditional route of protecting IP, saving money on attorney fees.
Traklight quick and easy system to protecting IP includes:

  • A five question quiz to determine the users’ risk of undiscovered and unprotected IP
  • Identification of the users’ IP – developed by a team of legal professionals to create a custom report of potential IP and how to protect it
  • The IP Vault which is a safe storage system in Traklight’s site that time-stamps, stores, and protects ideas
  • The IP cloud which is a “resource hub” with links to recommended service providers, contacts, and education materials

Founder and CEO, Mary Juetten, explains that Traklight is honored and thrilled to have placed second in the Grow America competition. “The money is nice-as a bootstrapped, self-funded company any money is awesome-but the mentoring, pitch opportunity, and exposure was priceless,” she said.
They were very excited to be introduced to CEO, John Suh of Legal Zoom during their mentoring session to help fine-tune their skills and product. Their goal is to become the first stop before Legal Zoom and provide education and context for their customers who seek IP protection.
What is next for Traklight? “We have been working on some integration and apps for our IP Vault, and ID your IP for accounting software-for many companies there is more value in intangible intellectual property than tangible assets.” Juetten explains.
Traklight hopes to make the most of their new connections and investments so that they can continue to educate and grow as a company.
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