Ducotrax Simplifies Inventory Management With An App

Ducotrax has developed a new mobile application to support their inventory management and software business. Since the last time we checked in with the business, they were helping small- to medium-sized businesses track their inventory data through a real-time cloud system. Now, Ducotrax has updated their system, increased their profits, optimized their SEO, and developed a new mobile application.
Co-Founder and CEO, Charles Keatley, is excited for the many advances happening at Ducotrax, the “coolest” being the Android mobile app. “The nature of inventory management generally requires users to have the ability to collect and use data remotely. Work areas such as warehouses and stock rooms are a perfect example of the type of environments we are targeting with the Ducotrax mobile app,” he explains.
The application allows clients to use their smartphones to scan bar codes and track inventory away from their desk for tasks such as receiving shipments, picking up orders, or moving inventory in a warehouse. They also hope to partner with shopping cart software companies so that an E-retailer can easily flow their inventory into Ducotrax, process their inventory and fill an order.
Ducotrax has also optimized their search engine optimization, updated their software and simplified their user interface. For a customer, “…a user has to walk into it and intuitively know what they are supposed to be doing. Inventory business is complex and has a lot of phases to it, so usability is important,” Keatley explains.
Ducotrax has experienced positive growth over the last year. In the first quarter of 2013 they have earned $50,000 in revenue and will continue to grow exceeding their 2012 revenue of $100,000. They are projecting $300,000 in revenue for 2013.
Most importantly, Ducotrax hopes to fill the void in what Keatley calls the third element of every business – inventory. “There are a whole host [of companies] that can do the front end of the business, but there is the third element that no large company has stepped into to fill the void. Ducotrax aims to take over the third end of that business,” he said.
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