On-Demand Taxi Service Vies for Mobile Customers

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With Arizona’s DUI laws being one of the toughest in the country, it makes sense to grab a cab after a few-but waiting around for a ride is a necessary inconvenience. Companies such as Uber try to lessen the waiting time by offering “on-demand” pick up with various levels of car service-but prepare yourself for the automatic 20 percent gratuity.
Meanwhile, traditional taxi cab companies have been in an uproar over this service-but one app company is partnering with an Arizona taxi company to give patrons a more cost-effective, ASAP ride home.
Through a free app called “Taxi Magic,” riders and drivers can be connected through their phones. Currently, Taxi Magic is the number one ground travel booking app in the United States because users can book, track, and pay for taxis from their mobile device.
How does it work? First, customers book a taxi on their smartphone or via text. Next, they can track their specific taxi via GPS. Patrons can pay for their ride with cash or credit on their phone then an E-receipt is then mailed to the users once they have reached their destination. Taxi Magic is good for local economies, is an extension of the current dispatch system and supports local businesses such as VIP Taxi.
“Over the last year, Taxi Magic has added several key features to enhance the user experience. Riders can schedule rides ahead of time, save their favorite drop-off and pickup locations, and make note of their favorite taxi fleets. We just recently launched Foursquare integration, making pickups easier for both riders and drivers.” Sanders Partee, President of Taxi Magic said.
Taxi Magic has boosted sales in other major cities across the country. VIP Taxi partnered with Taxi Magic in Chicago and saw an increase in sales.
“By working with taxi fleets and within local regulatory structures, we provide protection for passengers and support for local business.” Partee said.
Advantages of Taxi Magic versus other services include: cheaper than a town car and provides safety and liability coverage. Furthermore, riders are guaranteed that they going through a registered cab company, they would be insured by the taxi company in case of an accident and not stepping into a potentially risky gypsy cab.
With the app quickly developing in over 55 U.S. cities, VIP Taxi has chosen to partner with the app in Arizona because it is helping to reinforce the Key4Life campaign which is a movement to decrease DUIs in Arizona.
Overall, customers like Taxi Magic because they can see when their taxi left their dispatch and identify how far away it is from their destination. VIP states that the main reason they partnered with an app in Arizona is that “they know the product works, is convenient and will build clientele.”
Are you an Uber, Lyft, Sidecar user? Have you tried Taxi Magic or other taxi apps in other cities? What do you like or can’t stand about the apps and service you’ve used. Tell us in the comment section.
Download the Taxi Magic app at iTunes.
*Remember if you’ve had a few – do not drink and drive. Be safe.