Developer launches app for Spring Breakers

Local app developer Charles Pinto has teamed up with Body Shots Tequila to create a mobile app to accompany the March 16 launch at Lake Havasu during Spring Break.

The app shares the name of the company it was created for and will be mostly informational, telling people how to do the shots and where on the body to put the “Body Candy.” Body Candy is a “flavored goo,” according to the app, and Pinto described it as a “special blend of cinnamon and fruits,” explaining that it takes the place of a chaser like lime and salt. There are eight listed shots on the app, such as, “Vamp Me,” “Lickity Split,” and “The Thigh’s the Limit.”

The app is already available on iOS and Android devices, but advertising has been held off until the product launch, which is happening as Arizona State University and University of Arizona wind down their Spring Break vacation and as Northern Arizona University students gear up for their’s. Pinto said Lake Havasu was chosen because it is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the country. “It’s actually the biggest weekend in Lake Havasu.” Pinto said.


The Body Shots Tequila app is not complicated, though the iOS version is a little different from the one on Android. Whereas the Android app just lists the different kinds of shots that can be done, the iPhone app has an option to spin a digital bottle and have it randomly land on one of the shots. Tailoring apps for different demographics on different platforms is not uncommon.

Pinto, a Gilbert resident, has now developed 23 apps, but he did not start out as an app developer. In June 2011, he started started his company, LLC, after having an idea for advertising via SMS. When Pinto decided he wanted to get into app development, he said he found a mentor to learn and develop his skills-an individual he still turns to when he needs help.

Pinto and Brian Scrivner, the Chandler-native who founded Body Shots Tequila, found each other through a common link: Creo Spirits. Pinto was commissioned to make an app for Creo, which is now the distributor for Body Shots Tequila. Scrivner turned to Pinto to see what the developer could do for Body Shots Tequila.

Pinto’s latest project is an app for 98KUPD’s rock festival UFEST. The details are being kept private until April 1, Pinto said.
The Body Shots Tequila app is available for download at iTunes for those over 21.
*Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive