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Desktops, operating systems and software integrated solutions-what do you need for your business? One local company strives to provide products and services that tailor to their client’s specific needs.  Silverado Technologies, based in Scottsdale, AZ,  has partnered with industry leaders such as HP, Microsoft, and VMWare while also keeping the feel of a small, personal business to their clients.
President, Gene Hechler, has over thirty years of experience in the computer business and has tripled the growth through focusing on the customer’s needs. Silverado Technologies has been recognized by an Ethics in Business Award from the Better Business Bureau, and received a Customer Satisfaction score from Microsoft that placed Silverado Technologies in the top 15% in the U.S.
Silverado Technologies customizes provides a wide variety of products from their partners that can be used in businesses large and small. According to their website,“Silverado helps small business with big goals, and large organizations with big challenges.”
Product specifics include desktop and notebook computers, servers and storage, and networking and communications from HP; Windows family of operating systems, the Exchange family of business communications solutions, and software and integrated solutions from Microsoft; and VMware including Kernel solutions that enable individual processors to operate as multiple virtual machines, planning tools which help clients design their virtualization solutions, and management tools that simplify operations and improve performance.
Besides making an individualized solution, Silverado Technologies also provides services such as IT Sales, technology planning and consulting, and information technology services, as well as security solutions, off-site storage, disaster recovery solutions, installation, maintenance, on-site and remote support, quarterly performance reviews, and many other services.
Silverado Technologies wants their clients flourish and help them find the best optimizing solutions to facilitate their growth-simply stated in their purpose, “That’s our promise to you – from one growing business to another.”
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More about Silverado Technologies:
President: Gene Hechler
Telephone: 480.994.2266
Headquarters: 9200 E. Pima Center Parkway, Suite 160, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258