ASU Graduate Student Develops Top Selling Android Texting App

Back in 2011, Aaron Packer (a Phoenix native) began dabbling in mobile app development simply as a hobby. However, after completing and polishing up a new app ready for the Android market, Tablet Talk, quickly turned his once hobby into a full time job. Tablet Talk is a SMS text messaging application for Android tablets using your existing Android phone as the gateway. The cost is $2.99 on Google Play, and Aaron has just recently past the 50,000 downloads milestone. With this accomplishment, and almost 2,000 user reviews averaging an impressive 4.4 / 5 star rating, Aaron is setting up to take his app to the next level in 2013.
Aaron is looking for experienced individuals with a history in mobile software design, development and marketing to join his team this year, as they deploy a long list of new added features to Tablet Talk. They are looking to grow the Tablet Talk user base, and make it accessible to a larger audience through possible price changes and possible Windows 8 implementation.
Prior to the Nexus 7 being released, Aaron ran the entire ship himself. The project has been entirely self-funded, and in the creation stages, Tablet Talk was merely created off of a $500 tablet, mixed with a lot of hard work. Post Nexus 7 release (which changed everything), Aaron has recruited some talent in the areas of marketing, designing, and development. With approximately $100,000 in revenues for 2012 ($80,000 of it coming between July and December), Tablet Talk had the budget for these recent hires, and Aaron could begin delegating some daily responsibilities.
Aaron also shared that the “texting app space” is beginning to get crowded, so Tablet Talk is continuing to market their differentiating features such as:

  • the ability to text from your tablet using your existing phone number (just like you would on your smartphone)
  • holding a direct connection with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi hotspot between your Android smartphone and tablet so messages are never stored on company servers
  • the ability to control incoming phone calls right from your tablet
  • also supports basic MMS
  • automatically syncing Gmail contacts
  • customizable ringtones and notification sounds
  • and much more…

Here is a screenshot of an SMS conversation using Tablet Talk:

Aaron will be graduating this year with a PhD in Applied Mathematics from ASU, and hopes to continue as an entrepreneur developing innovative software solutions for many different fields such as tech, medicine, and engineering.
If anyone is on Android, and uses Tablet Talk, let us know what you think down below in the comments!

More About Tablet Talk

Founded: 2011
Number of Employees: < 5
Founder: Aaron Packer
Funding: Self-funded
Twitter: @TabletTalkApp