Rundavoo: A New Facebook Application To Remove The Stress From Event Planning

Adam Ayers, a graduate from Arizona State University, and founder of Entrepreneurs@ASU, has embarked on a new journey, with a new startup. He is on a team along with six others that are taking a new approach to event planning. Using the “majority rules” concept, the team has developed a new Facebook application called Rundavoo.
Through each step of the planning process, all attendees can suggest, comment, and vote on each proposed idea. A consensus will be made in favor of the option with the most votes! Where should we stay? Where are we going to grab dinner after the show? It allows for a very diplomatic decision to made…through pure democracy.

Rundavoo lets you plan, connect, collaborate, and communicate. After launching a new event, you can then connect to a list of all your Facebook friends and decide who to invite. After you’ve done that, let the Rundavoo begin!
Collaborate by sharing ideas for the event / trip, and vote on your favorites. Rundavoo sorts the proposed ideas in order of popularity, and shares the results with everyone.
Communication can be done directly through Rundavoo by asking questions, and being alerted when a decision has been made. The goal here is to eliminate all the back and forth emails, texts, phone calls, etc.
Now before the official beta launch of Rundavoo in February of next year, they have issued exclusive access into a private beta for all AZ Tech Beat readers. So, go on, check it out through this special token link: