New Innovative Product Enables iPhone To Shoot Higher Quality Photos and Videos

Do you love the convenience of taking photos and videos from your iPhone, yet wish they were higher in quality just like your bulky DSLR camera?
A Phoenix-based startup, Smart Phocus, has designed and created a line of products to drastically increase your photo and video quality when shooting directly from your iPhone. Simply slide your phone into the case, screw on a macro, wide angle, or telephoto lens, and you’re ready to rock! Looking for more? Don’t worry, they’ve got it. Attach a shotgun mic, affix the Smart Phocus case to any standard tripod, or even use the “Skately – Push Rod Dolly” for producing skateboarding videos like this one.
The mission in creating these products were to maximize the iPhone’s camera / video quality, while not hindering it’s usability as a smartphone. Shooting, editing, and sharing of photos and videos can easily be done while the iPhone is still in the Smart Phocus case. Have a call coming in? Don’t worry either. Slip your phone out of the case in a matter of seconds, and answer it!
Phillip Felice, Founder of Smart Phocus, has been working on this project since 2009. During these past three years, he has been focusing heavily on product development, and consumer feedback. After many focus groups, and product adjustments, he says his “official launch” occurred only four months ago. He wanted to be completely ready for market, and penetrate the iPhone accessory niche.
Phillip wants to build Smart Phocus the right way.

I’m not trying to create a job, I’m trying to create a business.

With a patent pending, a semifinalist for the Arizona Commerce Authority grant, and now an incubated company at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation, Phillip is excited about the company’s future.
Smart Phocus also just released the iPhone 5 compatible case and lens kit. Here is the setup:


More About Smart Phocus

Founded: 2009
Founder: Phillip Felice
Phone: 602.845.9643
Address: 4215 S 36th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85040