Deployd Provides HTML5 Developers With Instant Backends

Deployd was founded by Jeff Cross and Ritchie Martori to solve a problem that they had noticed during years of building applications for clients–the redundancy of building backends.
The apps they were building always needed the same basic features–user authentication, validated/secured data, and a “front end” for users to interact with. Each time they built an app, they were starting from scratch and duplicating much of the same work. This could add days to weeks of development time to each project the two were taking on. They knew there had to be a better way.
They solved this problem by building the open source Deployd server–which makes it possible to build and deploy those same rich backends in a few minutes instead of a few days. They began using the server on their own projects–but quickly realized this could be very helpful to many other developers out there. They decided to open up a private beta with a few select developers and let them have at developing their own applications using the instant backends. The beta is still running and expanding.
The company is lovingly bootstrapped and is looking to build on its early momentum. I spoke with Jeff Cross and he advised me that they’re hoping to add two Javascript developers over the summer–as the company moves forward with their plans to roll out a private tier of their development server for power users. This is a local startup to keep your eyes on–big things appear to be on the horizon.


The Deployd server is currently being offered in two free flavors–with a paid tier being rolled out once they come out of the early beta stage. The first option that developers have is to use the open source server and install it on their own hosting server. If developers choose this option, they’ll be able to determine how much space is allocated to files and data storage–though support will only be available through Github and IRC. Developers that want more support can use the Deployd-hosted version.
The hosted version provides developers with more features and more dedicated support options. Developers can get support through email and IM–directly from the Deployd team. They also don’t need to worry about installing the Deployd server–or doing any maintenance or updates–as this is all handled internally by the Deployd team. The company is currently ironing out plans for a paid “power user” plan–including extra features such as a cloud monitoring service and SSL encryption.
They intend to roll this plan at a price point of $14 per month–with up to 1GB of storage space for files and data. You can add additional storage space for $1 per GB. The price point is still in the air–a final price will be announced when this private tier gets rolled out to customers later this year.

More About Deployd

Founded: 2012
# of Employees: 1-10
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Jeff Cross, Ritchie Martori
Twitter: @deploydapp
Blog: Deployd Blog