Tempe Based Tiempo Development “Nearshores” Software Jobs to Mexico

Looking for a way to get your latest software idea developed but wanting to stick to a tight budget? Tiempo Development could be your answer. Tiempo Development has two software development centers in Mexico, which is home to their “nearshore” team. Nearshoring represents a significant cost savings (compared to offshoring), because it allows for frequent client visits due to short travel time, and real-time collaboration among teams.
Prior to starting Tiempo Development, Cliff Schertz – Founder & CEO, was working with offshore software developers and experienced constant challenges. At that point, Schertz had the vision to start Tiempo Development and solve his own business needs. Tiempo Development adopts the “nearshoring” concept to optimize efficiency and clear communication, while saving company expense. In their case, they have U.S. operations in Tempe which host seven employees, and two software development centers in Hermosillo and Monterrey totaling to 178 employees. Schertz started the company on his own nickel, but after one year of operations, he fully subscribed a Series A Private Placement Fund of $860,000. Since that point, Tiempo Development has grown organically through the use of operating profits. 2011 revenues totalled to around $5M.

Nearshore vs. Offshore Software Development

Nearshore teams have the chance to collaborate on a daily basis by sharing the same work hours. With that time zone compatibility and fluency in both English and Western culture, nearshore talent can truly understand and synchronize with clients, and in the case of Tiempo Development enable the tight synchronization of Agile software. They have also been able to cost-effectively accelerate how their clients develop, deploy, and support their products, which allows them to achieve more consistent and profitable results.
With Mexico on our border, and the increase in tech companies migrating to Arizona, I’m sure we will be hearing much more about this “nearshoring” concept and its benefits.
In the meantime, Tiempo Development is hiring! They have many open positions, but Cliff Schertz also tweeted that Tiempo is looking to fill two executive positions as CFO and Senior Sales Executive. If you have what it takes, click here to check out their careers page.

More About Tiempo Development

Founded: 2005
Founder: Cliff Schertz
Website: www.tiempodevelopment.com
Employees: 178
Revenues: $5M in 2011
Twitter: @Tiempo_Careers @cschertz
Phone: (602) 910 – 4646
Address: Tiempo Development LLC
1050 W. Washington Street, Suite 201
Tempe, AZ 85281