360Vantage Offers Cloud, Mobile Sales Solutions

360Vantage founder Mario Martinez II didn’t come to Arizona expecting to launch his own company. But after years spent building custom CRM applications, managing large-scale sales operations and related IT projects at mid-tier companies, Martinez saw cloud computing as the natural next step.
And so in 2005, 360Vantage was born. Now a leader in the development of custom CRM and marketing apps based on SalesForce.com and the Force.com platform, 360Vantage looks to continue making data easier to access from anywhere, regardless of platform or device.
“Our typical customer is a sales/marketing organization working with medical or bio-tech companies,” Martinez said. “Our specialty is firms with 50-500 sales reps.”
Now that 360Vantage has grown to about 80 people (half local, half in India), Martinez remembers back when they were the new guys going up against established industry leaders. One of his first competitors was SAP, a daunting challenge for companies of any size, let alone one so focused on mobile and cloud computing solutions over half a decade ago.
The past seven years have been filled with many such successes, but the 360Vantage team knows not to outgrow their community. Martinez sits on three local boards, including the AZ Tech Council, and encourages 1% of employee time and 1% of company profits to be spent on those in need.
While Martinez is excited about venturing into new markets, he’s careful to grow only as quickly as they need to. 360Vantage, profitable since day one, has never taken on outside funding and has no immediate plans to seek any.

More about 360Vantage

Founded: 2005, launched March 2006
# of Employees: 80 (half local, half in India)
Revenues: Undisclosed (self-funded)
Founder: Mario Martinez II
Website: 360Vantage.com
Blog: 360 Blog