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AZ Tech Beat | July 3, 2020

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Company Profiles - 5/11 - AZ Tech Beat

AlphaStripe Levels Up From Beta, And Prepares For A Full Platform Launch This Veteran’s Day

November 9, 2012 | 2

This past Memorial Day, AZ Tech Beat reported on the beta launch of AlphaStripe. The founders, who are U.S. Military Veterans themselves, created a private platform for service men and women of all ages to share, connect, and honor … Read More

On-Demand Driver App Uber Soft Launches in Phoenix

November 2, 2012 | 2

We were recently tipped off that San Francisco-based startup Uber has started “secretly” offering its on-demand driver services in the Phoenix metro area.

Founded in 2010, Uber is a service that connects passengers with drivers, predominantly through its mobile … Read More

Want Your Startup to Learn From Legends? Now There’s an App for That!

November 1, 2012 | 1

The just-launched ‘Startup Videos’ iPhone App allows users to harness the knowledge and experience of those who have created some of the most successful companies in the world. Creator of the app, Matt Smith, shares your same passion in … Read More

New Innovative Product Enables iPhone To Shoot Higher Quality Photos and Videos

October 25, 2012 |

Do you love the convenience of taking photos and videos from your iPhone, yet wish they were higher in quality just like your bulky DSLR camera?

A Phoenix-based startup, Smart Phocus, has designed and created a line of products … Read More

Phoenix-Based Axway Inc. Streamlines & Secures Business Interactions Worldwide

October 24, 2012 |

Enterprise companies deal with a high volume of sensitive data, internal processes, file transfers and other business-critical interactions, so it is essential that these businesses are able to manage and secure these interaction networks while keeping up with current … Read More

Young Scottsdale Natives Meet Sir Richard Branson and Land Over 1 Million in Seed Funding

October 10, 2012 | 3

Meet Scott and Stacey Ferreira. They are co-founders of Inspiration came for this business startup after Scott lost all of his website / password information from a computer crash – he then had the idea to take this … Read More

Clarisoft: Clarifying the Web Dev for Local Businesses

October 8, 2012 |

With online presence being a necessity for local businesses today, getting a handle on all the online tools available can be daunting. Clarisoft, a Scottsdale-based company, works directly with entrepreneurs to develop customized websites, web platforms, and mobile apps, … Read More

Planning No Longer Has to be an Event of its Own With Event Interface

October 1, 2012 |

Planning events used to entail printing out hundred of fliers and taping them around the city, hoping someone will take interest in the event. Today, events have become much more complicated, but also effective. Now event planners need to … Read More

BarSential Picks Up the Tab On Local Promotions

September 28, 2012 |

Going for a night on the town seems fun and exciting, but instead you are stuck picking the right bar, worrying if you have enough cash for the night, and waiting to pay your tab. Once you get there … Read More

Canal Partners: Private Equity For Software & Internet Tech Companies

September 25, 2012 |

Often in the startup world, a company will get to the point of “success” where it has a solid management team and a cash-flow positive product or service, but lacks the capital, connections or guidance to scale to its … Read More