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AZ Tech Beat | October 21, 2020

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Startup MistoBox doubles in size post Shark Tank

Startup MistoBox doubles in size post Shark Tank
Tishin Donkersley


Coffee connoisseurs and subscription fans can now rejoice over MistoBox, a Tucson-based startup that is sure to satisfy your caffeine addiction. With a concept similar to Love with Food, MistoBox is a subscription box service that sends out four new coffees twice a month delivered directly to your door. Subscribers can choose one of two packages, the “Awesome” package containing four different 1.75 oz samplings or the “More Awesome” package containing four different 3.5 oz samplings. As an addition, MistoBox offers full sizes of every flavor in their online store. The team samples over 50 coffees a month from roasters across the country, including Arizona favorite Cartel Coffee Lab, and selects new flavors for each box.

AZTB journalist Lanni Solochek spoke with founder Samantha Meis about the inspiration behind MistoBox and their funding process.

MistoBox started out as a project, how did you turn it into a business?

After forming a team in the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona, we were tasked with coming up with an innovative business idea. Throughout our final year we would be validating and creating a business plan for this idea. We went into the program thinking that we wanted to actually start the business, so we chose an idea that was both innovative and with a launch possibility that was attainable. Before we graduated, we launched a successful Kickstarter project where we got the initial funding to start the business and our first beta users.

How did you decide on coffee as your product of choice? 

Coffee has many characteristics that make it a great fit for the model. First, it’s a product that people absolutely love. It’s also a product that is consumable, so it needs constant replenishment. MistoBox makes getting great coffee fun and convenient.


How do you pick the coffee each month?

Artisan roasters across the country send us samples of their coffees every month. We taste 50+ coffees each month, and choose the best four to send to our customers. There are very strict guidelines that dictate whether or not we will select a roaster. We have more than 20 roasters and we’re adding top-tier roasters every couple of months.

Tell how your business changed after being on Shark Tank.

The Shark Tank experience was probably one of the most fun and terrifying experiences of our lives. It was such an amazing opportunity to get to pitch to the sharks and then later have our company broadcasted to Shark Tank’s 7 million plus viewers. Our business definitely improved following the Shark Tank appearance. We almost doubled in size the night of the airing alone.


What’s in the future for MistoBox? 

That’s a great question! We are going to continue to focus on delivering the best coffee experiences to our customers. We’re debuting an “espresso box” in the coming months. One day we hope to expand into other lifestyle industries. We are always testing new ideas to see if there is traction with other products in the same model.

Any additional money? 

We have raised some money from private investors.

What’s your biggest seller? 

Our biggest seller is the “Awesome” size MistoBox-four coffees every month for just $15 dollars a month.

For more information on MistoBox, click here.

Photos provided by MistoBox