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AZ Tech Beat | October 31, 2020

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New finance app helps manage paychecks

New finance app helps manage paychecks
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Symmetry Software launched the second version of its PaycheckCity application for iOS and Android, giving users an easier way to accurately manage their paychecks.

The Scottsdale-based company specializes in payroll withholding tax solutions for the Internet and corporate intranets and its new application allows users to calculate their take-home pay in advance of payday.

PaycheckCity 2.0 features a paycheck calculator for salary and hourly employment, a history of up to 20 previous calculations, and the ability to set default values for quick access to information. Users can also run “what-if” scenarios like new jobs or new additions to the family and see how adjusting deductions might impact their net pay.

“We hope that our new and improved app will make it easy for users to check the accuracy of their take home pay on payday and also start to proactively manage their paycheck settings,” said software engineer Billy Long who designed and built the original and 2.0 versions of the PaycheckCity application.

The updated application provides the ability to save default information such as pay frequency, filing status, allowances, and additional withholding or deductions.

The application is now available for free on the App Store and Android Market.

paycheck_android_defaultIn addition to the new application, Symmetry Software runs four payroll-related sites including that provides tools for paycheck management;, an online form-preparation process;, a payroll research library; and, mapping technologies that deliver tax-withholding settings.

Learn more about Symmetry Software here.

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