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AZ Tech Beat | October 31, 2020

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Gadgets for the Guru

Gadgets for the Guru
Marcela Palefsky


This week’s Gadgets for the Guru features four gadgets that are great for the college student. Whether you are looking for functionality or fun, we have the gadgets for you.

The Justin Power Case by Innovative Technology is a good option for students who rely heavily on their iPad for schoolwork. The case features a portable 11,600mAh rechargeable battery that can charge your iPad up to two times and your iPhone up to seven times. The Justin Power Case comes equipped with a universal USB port to allow users to also charge BlackBerrys, Samsung phones and more. The AZTB team reviewed this gadget and does charge the mobile device with ease. We liked how we could work on the iPad and charge our phone if need be. The case itself wasn’t attractive at all and the material was flimsy, we suggest a full makeover. $69.99


mosEvery technology user has suffered the problem of fishing for charging cables behind their desk, or worse, untangling a mess of white cord. MOS aims to remedy this problem with their new cable organizer. The magnetic organizer keeps charging cables all in one place by their metal ends. Users can attach the included magnetic rubber cable ties to those cables without metal to keep them in place on the MOS. This gadget comes in three colors: white plastic, black plastic and anodized aluminum. The AZTB team tested this gadget out it worked to clean up our cords. If you have a busy desk with multiple cords, one might have to get two of these to make sense as it’s a small gadget. The magnet is good, and during our test, we think 2-3 cords max work best. $19.99



This wireless HD transmitter by Nyrius is any college student’s quick fix for taking their audio and video from their laptops and gaming systems to the big screen. The ARIES allows to streaming high-definition 1080p movies, TV shows and games without the need for cords. It features a range of 160ft and is powered by the USB port in your computer or console. $253.99











Magbuds by FluxAudio is perfect for college students who love to listen to their favorite tunes while walking or riding the light rail to class. These headphones not only deliver high-quality sound, but they feature a tangle-free, magnetic cord that allows for easy storage once you reach the lecture hall. Magbuds’ 10mm drivers provide crisp highs and deep bass and the in-line remote and microphone allows users to answer calls, change songs and adjust the volume. The AZTB team tried them out and they worked well for music play on the computer or mobile device and did like the tangle-free feature and could wrap them on our wrist if need be for transport. However, when the team used them during a phone call, we had some transmission quality issues, and wondered if the magnets would cause such problem. The company website claims no negative affects to the drives on a mobile device.  $69


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