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AZ Tech Beat | October 30, 2020

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Gadgets for the Guru

Gadgets for the Guru
Marcela Palefsky

gadget ipadBoard-Hero-700x467crop2

This dishwasher safe cutting board comes equipped with a built-in iPad Stand. Users can prop their iPads up horizontally or vertically and use it to watch cooking videos, read recipes and more. The cutting board is NSF-certified and meets the high-level safety standards for professional kitchens. It is made with a durable wood-fiber composite, heat-resistant up to 350 degrees and features a juice groove to keep liquid away from your iPad and counter. It also features four non-slip pegs to keep the board in place during use. IPad protective covers are sold separately. $69.95


gadgets-Gun-Alarm-Clock1cropWant a few extra minutes of sleep? You’ll have to work for it.  This Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock has a snooze button that requires sleepyheads to shoot the target on the clock with the laser gun. The clock features two modes of difficulty: normal, which requires users to shoot the bull’s-eye once for extra snooze time, and hard, which requires hitting the bull’s-eye five times. The AZTB review team had fun with this one and think it would be great for kids. $33.08








gadgetKlick-Stylus-Pen-Digital-and-Analog-Use1-cropThe Klick Stylus Pen is a tool for the tablet guru that needs a stylus and a pen on the go! The pen features a smooth ballpoint pen tip for taking notes, and with one click, users can retract the pen to use the stylus tip on their touchscreen devices. The Klick Stylus Pen allows for many retractable style of ink refills and comes in three colors: black, red and blue. The AZTB review team tested this one and gave it a thumbs up for convenience and ease of use.  $30









The Apple compatible iSport Headphones are designed specifically for the active athlete. These headphones have noise isolation, a patented ear clip designed for comfort and an in-line mic. The iSport headphones are washable. Reviews indicate these are best used for intense workouts. $69.95 – $149.95