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AZ Tech Beat | September 30, 2020

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Axosoft focuses Pure Chat’s revamp on small business

Axosoft focuses Pure Chat’s revamp on small business
Tishin Donkersley


Axosoft, a leader in the development of agile tools, announced the latest release of Pure Chat, a live support and sales software that simplifies communication. New features of Pure Chat include “streamlining the operator experience for better conversation management and boosting quality assurance with downloadable transcripts.” Along with the new features, Pure Chat upped the ante with a new interface, an autocomplete option, structural changes, OnTime Help desk integration, audio notifications, operator availability updates and chat filters for reorganization purposes-and it’s all free.

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The product, which was originally launched 10 months ago, has seen a 60 percent growth per month. The newest release is an improved version that was originally developed during Axosoft’s 30 Day Challenge in 2012, which gave employees an opportunity to create a new product and take a break from other projects. Lead developer Chad Golob said, “It was a rewarding experience for us to exercise our entrepreneurial freedom and really come up with a product we thought people would love. To see the growth it has achieved validates our vision.”

I spoke with Axosoft CEO Hamid Shojaee about the new and improved Pure Chat.

What does this revamp mean to your customers?

Pure Chat is easier than ever to setup and use for small businesses who want to serve their customers with free personalized live chat service on their web site.

Why did you choose to revamp the product?

We wanted Pure Chat operators (the people on the other end of website chats) to be able to better manage multiple simultaneous chat sessions. We’re always working on improving the user experience and adding new features and integration points.

What is your current usage and downloads?

Usage is growing exponentially, beyond our expectations. Average month-over-month increase for the past 10 months has been around 60 percent, which is phenomenal.

How is Pure Chat different from other live chat software?

Our focus is on ease of use so that a small business owner can add live chat to their web site in just 30 seconds. [For live chat software,] competitors can charge as much as $50 per operator…did I mention Pure Chat is free?

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

Did we mention it’s free? No catch. It’s free.

To see the product in action, click here. How the developers of Pure Chat did it in 30 days click here.

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Photos provided by Axosoft